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If you’re considering basement or cellar waterproofing, you may be interested to discover the many benefits this offers. Most homeowners are guilty of focusing solely on interior design but give little thought to the importance of tanking a cellar or basement. It might not be the most exciting of tasks to some, but here at Prokil, a basement waterproofing company, we believe waterproofing basements and below ground structures can provide numerous benefits to homeowners.

At Prokil, our preferred method for waterproofing a basement or partially below ground structures is a ‘Type C’ cavity drainage system. Using this system, we can create a habitable environment.

The porous brickwork in many basements or crawl spaces will absorb moisture from its surroundings and this is especially the case in areas with inadequate drainage or a high flood risk. Without proper waterproofing, this results in a damp and mouldy space which is almost unhabitable. Not only can the damp affect the items stored in the room, it can also affect its structure.

So, what’s the answer? The solution is waterproofing which is often referred to as “tanking”. If you can imagine a room full of water, when correctly waterproofed it would be like a fish tank – as the water can’t travel outside its walls. Tanking will make your basement waterproof. The process won’t remove any moisture but will create a barrier to stop it leaking.

Are you considering basement or cellar tanking in your home? Read on to discover its benefits and how Prokil tanking specialists can help with your structural waterproofing:

Create more liveable space

There aren’t many people who would turn down adding an extra room to their house. Your basement doesn’t need to be an extra storage space for keeping your junk and unloved mementos. For many people, the basement of the house is the same size as the entire bottom floor. By tanking a cellar you will have the opportunity to convert this room into a living space. It could become an entertainment room or even a gym – it has the potential to be so much more if it’s free from damp and mould.

You can save money

This might not be a benefit you were expecting, but basement tanking can help you reduce costs in the long term. As this process involves the sealing of your foundation, it will reduce energy costs and increase your energy efficiency because cold air cannot get into the structure. By having a basement which is fully waterproofed and habitable, it not only adds to the look of the building but can also add value to it, giving you an opportunity to make more money in future.

Protect the value of your home

We’re often aware of any structural issues on the upper floors of our house but don’t always consider the basement. By ensuring the foundation of your house is well cared for, you can protect the value of your home and avoid any unnecessary issues in the future. By dealing with the damp early on, you can feel comfortable knowing you won’t have any unexpected bills or issues with mould in the future, especially when it comes to selling and moving on.

If you’re interested in learning more about basement tanking, please feel free to contact our basement waterproofing contractors on 01202 515566 or via email.

For your reference, Prokil’s cellar and basement tanking installations comply with the BS 8102:2009 Code of Practice for protection of below-ground structures against water from the ground. We can provide a no-obligation quote and our surveyors are trained to Certificated Surveyors in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) Level. All installations complying with BS8102 also have a 15-year basement waterproofing guarantee.

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