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What are Structural Repairs?

Structural repairs are carried out after a property has been built to maintain its structural integrity. Here at Prokil, we use a wide range of methods and techniques when carrying out remedial structural repair, including wall crack repair and structural wood rot repair.

Why Do I Need Structural Repairs?

A property may need structural repairs for a wide number of reasons. The most common reasons are as follows:

  • An old property and the materials used are coming to the end of their natural life expectancy. This can include metal, timbers and even brickwork.
  • Subsidence which causes the property to move. This commonly occurs when excessive levels of water come into contact with the foundations of a building and erode away the support ground.
  • New build settlement. After a property has been constructed there are occasions when some small cracks appear.
  • Environmental damage is another factor which is usually outside most of our control. This includes damage caused by high winds and high water levels.

How Do I Know If I May Need Structural Repairs?

Fortunately you do not years of training to identify whether your property may be in need of structural repairs. Look out for the following symptoms, all of which can be indicators that you may need Prokil to carry out remedial structural repair work:

  • Cracked bricks. This can be across them either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
  • Mortar between block work which can hairline or larger cracking in it. This can also include areas where the mortar has been pushed out at regular intervals.
  • Structural cracks in walls, including concrete or timber lintels.
  • Dropped or not evenly set brick work arches. This are often found across the top of a window or door way in older properties.
  • Water ingress which has started to affect the property internally.

What Forms of Structural Repairs Do Prokil Offer?

Prokil have a fully trained and experienced team at hand to help out with a wide range of structural repairs. These include replacing wall ties, structural crack stitching repair, installing cavity trays and lintel repairs.

Our Structural Repair Services

Cavity Wall TiesCrack Stitching

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