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Mould Treatment & Prevention from Prokil

To keep your home or property mould-free, a course of mould treatment should be put in place, followed up with long-term preventative measures.

At Prokil, we offer both effective mould removal and ventilation services. These will ensure that your property stays a safe and dry place for all inhabitants.

Our Approach to Mould Removal

Here is each step in our process for removing mould from your home:

  1. We will survey your property to identify where the mould is, how widely it has spread, and what needs to be done to remove it.
  2. Once we’ve decided on the best course of action for your property, we will draw up a detailed and competitively priced quote for our services. This will detail every stage of the treatment, clearly laying out the reason for each action we take.
  3. After you’ve agreed to our quote, we’ll begin the process of removing mould from your property. We will treat all visually affected surfaces, ensuring all mould areas are completely sterilised.

Whatever the cause of your mould problem, we can provide a long-lasting solution. Contact our team today to book a professional damp survey and eliminate the source of your mould problem once and for all.

Mould Prevention Solutions

Proper ventilation is key to preventing mould from returning in the future. We install two types of ventilation systems:

  • Passive Air Vents (PAVs), which work by allowing excess moisture to dissipate through them whilst the specialist filter prevents cold air from entering your property.
  • Positive Pressure Ventilation System (PPVS), which filters and heats air in your home. This increases the pressure within the property, freshening stale air and lowering humidity levels.

Not all mould problems are the result of poor ventilation. You may have a faulty damp proof course or pipe leak that is the cause. We are well equipped to diagnose and remedy all causes of mould, so don’t hesitate to contact us to book a survey.

Why Choose Prokil for Mould Treatment?

Prokil has been treating mould in properties for over 50 years. We have extensive experience treating all types of mould, and have the tools and training to deal with your issue quickly and effectively.

Our accredited team will take care to minimise the disruption to your daily life as they work, following all health and safety standards and thoroughly checking that no mould spots were missed. Our highly competitive prices mean you never spend more than you need to.

With over five decades of experience, you can trust us to make your property safe and mould-free for years to come.

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The quicker mould is treated, the easier it is to remove. If you’ve spotted signs of mould in your home, don’t wait for the problem to get worse – book a survey online or by calling us on 0800 048 9488.

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