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Woodworm can cause significant damage to wooden structures and furniture; if left untreated, the damage can become extensive and costly to repair. As specialists in woodworm treatment, we possess the skills necessary to identify, prevent, and eliminate woodworm infestations.

We have successfully provided woodworm treatment for infestations of all sizes and for all types of property, including listed buildings. With over 50 years’ of amassed experience and knowledge to draw from, there is no woodworm problem that Prokil can’t solve. We also provide a 20-year guarantee for our woodworm treatment services.

We will find a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to your woodworm problem. Contact your local Prokil office to book a woodworm survey or call us on 0800 048 9488.

How is woodworm treated?

There are several methods for treating woodworm. The best approach will depend on the severity of the infestation, species of wood boring beetle responsible, and if it’s still active. Most woodworm infestations will be treated using insecticides.

Woodworm spray treatment

Most woodworm infestations can be resolved through a surface spray treatment. A woodworm spray treatment involves applying a water-based pesticide that contains Permethrin to all affected timbers within the property. We also recommend that surrounding timbers are treated as a precaution.

When highly concentrated, Permethrin can cause skin, eye, throat and nose irritation, so our engineers ensure they always wear appropriate protective clothing and breathing apparatus when undertaking a spray treatment. We also make sure the area is well ventilated. After 3-4 hours, the room should be completely safe for you to use as normal.

Woodworm injection treatment

On occasion, a surface treatment may not be sufficient for treating your woodworm problem. In the case of infestations caused by the Deathwatch beetle, an injection treatment or paste will be required.

This is because the Deathwatch beetle never has to leave your timbers in order to feed or reproduce; it can live an entire life cycle of up to 10 years eroding the structural integrity of your timbers from the inside out.

Woodworm injection treatment involves applying a gel or paste containing insecticide directly into the escape holes left behind by adult beetles or into holes specifically drilled into the timber for this purpose. This treatment should then be repeated every year for four years in order to ensure total eradication.

In conclusion, treating woodworm is far from straightforward. It is important to consult a professional to ensure that a safe and effective woodworm treatment is chosen and to obtain the best possible results. You should also choose a woodworm specialist that offers a lengthy guarantee to ensure these persistent pests don’t return.

How long does woodworm treatment last?

A good woodworm treatment that eliminates all active woodworm and eggs should ensure that your timbers are protected against future woodworm infestations for decades to come, that’s why we provide a 20-year guarantee on all our woodworm treatment services.

Woodworm treatments are not only a cure, they are also a preventative measure, as they contain powerful insecticides that remain effective at killing wood boring insects for many years.

Of course, the best way to lower the risk of woodworm reoccurring is through prevention. Woodworm thrives in damp, humid conditions, so ensuring that your timbers are dry and well-ventilated will help ensure your property is not at risk.

Why do I need woodworm treatment?

Without treatment, a woodworm infestation is unlikely to improve by itself – in fact, it will more than likely spread to other areas of your property.

Woodworm larvae bore tunnels through timbers as they feed, and the greater the number of tunnels, the weaker the wood becomes. This can be a huge problem in structural rafters and floorboards which need to be strong in order to remain safe. If left untreated, affected timbers will eventually crumble away.

Whether you think you have a woodworm infestation and require specialist treatment or would just like peace of that your timbers are free from woodworm, then Prokil are able to undertake a thorough survey accompanied by a written report.

How do I know If I need woodworm treatment?

If you are uncertain whether the timbers in your property are infested with woodworm, then look out for these symptoms:

  • Small circular or oval holes in wood which measure approximately 2-8mm in diameter.
  • The presence of frass, (fine powdery residue), around ‘flight holes’ or on timbers.
  • Small beetle carcasses, although many are easily confused with other types of non-wood eating insects.
  • Timbers which are brittle, have crumbled or have given way for no apparent reason.
  • Jagged scoring along the wood grain.

Identifying a woodworm problem can be challenging, particularly if you’re not sure where to look. Our team of woodworm specialists have years’ of experience identifying and treating woodworm in both commercial and residential buildings.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to arrange a woodworm survey and get to the bottom of your woodworm problem once and for all.

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