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What is Woodworm Treatment?

Woodworm treatment can come in many different forms depending on the species that has been identified. Our woodworm treatment specialists are able to offer comprehensive reports and recommend which form of treatment would be best suited to the infestation identified.

The treatment itself usually involves applying some form of contact based insecticide which has been approved for use in woodworm treatment.

Choose Prokil as your woodworm treatment company to say goodbye to woodworm for good. To find out more about woodworm removal and whether your property could benefit from our specialist treatments, call your local Prokil office to arrange a no obligation survey.

Why Do I Need Woodworm Treatment?

Woodworm treatment is required when there is an active woodworm infestation or it is deemed necessary in order to meet the needs of certain lenders. The larvae of wood boring beetles bore tunnels through the timbers and as the infestation manifests the number of tunnels increase thus leaving greatly reducing the stability of the wood. If left untreated eventually timbers will crumble away causing structural issues within a property.

Some species of woodworm like damp timbers. Therefore, correctly identifying these type of woodworm can alert an owner to other damp related issues. In this instance no form of chemical treatment is required but rather remedial damp proofing works.

Whether you think you have a woodworm infestation and require specialist treatment or would just like peace of that your timbers are free from woodworm, then Prokil are able to offer a survey accompanied with a written report. Find your local Prokil office to arrange an appointment.

How Do I Know If I Need Woodworm Treatment?

Not all types of woodworm require woodworm treatment. The key to knowing which do and which don’t is in being able to correctly identify the species which has infested your property. Characteristic features such as ‘flight holes’, frass and the type of wood infested will allow your local Prokil woodworm surveyor to identify which wood boring insect you have.

If you are uncertain whether the timbers in your property are infested then look out for these symptoms:

  • Small circular or oval holes in wood which measure approximately 2-8mm in diameter.
  • The presence of frass, (fine powdery residue), around the ‘flight holes’ or on the timbers.
  • Small beetle carcasses, although many are easily confused with other types of non wood destroying insects.
  • Timbers which are brittle, have crumbled or given way for no apparent reason.
  • Jagged scoring along the grain of wood.

What Is Involved With Woodworm Treatment?

It is important to understand which type of woodworm has infested your timbers first before undertaking any form woodworm treatment. For this reason an expert woodworm treatment company such as Prokil should be consulted prior to making a decision.

In most instances, specialist woodworm treatment is started off by dusting down and clearing the infested timbers. Following this the appropriate insecticide is applied. Prokil’s team of specially trained operatives are able to treat woodworm by spraying, pasting or inserting specialist chemical rods into the infested timbers. To find out more about woodworm control and removal, take a look at our FAQs.

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