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What Damp Services Do We Offer?

Damp can be defined as where there is sufficient levels of excess water within a structure which can cause problems that are unacceptable. There are different types of damp and they can all cause a range of unwanted problems ranging from mould growth, the spoiling of paint and plasterwork and even more serious issues that can damage the structure whilst making a building uninhabitable.

Here at Prokil, our team of damp specialists are experts in every type of damp and offer a range of damp services for residential, commercial and industrial properties, whilst implementing a wide variety of damp treatments that work.

No matter which type of damp you have we can provide the damp services you require, and our specialist surveyors are experienced and hold industry specific qualifications. We can conduct a survey and provide a comprehensive report that identifies the type of damp, what is causing the damp and how we can treat it.

Our damp treatments are competitively priced and come with a The Prokil Guarantee for peace of mind that the areas treated will remain damp free.

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