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What is a Damp Proof Course?

A damp proof course, (DPC) is a long-term barrier designed to protect your property from rising damp. Most damp proof courses are installed during construction at low level giving the required clearance between ground levels and internal floor levels.

With a damp proof course, our team of specialists at Prokil ensure that damp within your home is completely prevented for many years to come. Book a damp survey with us today and our damp experts can take a look at your current damp situation and make recommendations based on it.

Why Do I Need A Damp Proof Course?

Since the Public Health Act of 1875 set laws for ground-level damp proof course injections in walls, all subsequent properties should have been built with some form of damp proof course. Therefore, most modern properties will have some form already installed and these protective materials are usually made from slate, bitumen or a plastic membrane and are fairly resistant to decay.

It is possible for a damp proof course to crack due to subsidence or deteriorate over a significant period of time, allowing damp to rise through the walls. It is also possible for the damp course to be breached by rubble and debris within the cavity wall.

If you believe you may have an issue with your damp proof course (DPC) then you should contact Prokil to arrange for one of our damp course surveyors to survey your property. Each property is assessed individually as to understand the causes of rising damp and whether your property is in need of a new damp proof course.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Damp Proof Course?

Protecting your home from rising damp is a crucial component in ensuring it remains structurally sound during its lifetime. All buildings will eventually fall into disrepair without regular maintenance, and this process can only speed up if water ingress is present.

If you see signs of rising damp then it may be necessary for your property to have a new damp proof course installed. The following are indications that you may require damp course treatment.

  • Tidal marks at low level
  • Rotting timbers, particularly skirting boards
  • Decorative spoiling
  • Evidence of movement or subsidence
  • The presence of hygroscopic salts

Prokil have extensive experience injecting chemical damp proof courses, and we believe all our work is completed to the highest possible standards. All our customers are protected by the Prokil Guarantee, which is valid for 20 years for all new chemical damp proof courses.

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