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Want to improve your property and save money on your energy bills? At Prokil, we can help with both! We not only repair, protect, and improve all aspects of your home, but we can also help you go green with solar panels through our sister company, ProStar Energy.

residential solar panel installation

ProStar Energy is the South’s trusted choice for residential solar panel installations. With years of experience, they design custom systems optimised for your energy use, home layout, and more. You can start saving on your bills right away – and for years to come!

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How Do Solar Panels Save Homeowners Money?

Solar panels save you more money than you might think – in fact, they can even make it for you too! Here’s how:

Slash Your Energy Bills Year on Year

With energy costs on the rise, saving money on your electricity bill is more important than ever. Solar panels offer a solution! By generating your own clean electricity, you can become less reliant on the grid and potentially cut your energy bills by up to 70%.

Sell Your Stored Solar Energy

Don’t just save money, make money too! With a solar battery system, you can use the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) to sell excess solar energy back to the grid. This programme lets you turn your unused sunshine into cash, on top of reducing your electricity bills.

VAT on Solar Panels Scrapped Until 2027!

Solar power is now more affordable than ever. The government has eliminated VAT on solar panel installations until 2027, making now the perfect time to invest.

With these benefits and government backing, there’s no better time to switch to solar. Book a home survey online or call 0331 6302225 today to get started!

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How Do Solar Panels Help the Environment?

Solar panels offer a fantastic way to tap into the most eco-friendly energy source we have: sunlight. By generating clean electricity, they help you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, bringing a host of environmental benefits:

  • Solar panels utilise a renewable energy source, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, a major contributor to climate change.
  • Fossil fuel reliance often means harmful pollutants like sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air. Solar panels produce zero emissions, leading to cleaner air and improved health.
  • Fossil fuel extraction disrupts natural habitats like forests and oceans. Choosing solar energy reduces demand for these practices, helping preserve these vital ecosystems.

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Level Up Your Solar Panel System With Our Optional Upgrades

Take your eco-friendly home to the next level with ProStar’s range of advanced solar system upgrades! From storing excess energy to powering your car with sunlight, they offer solutions that maximise your solar power and minimise your environmental impact.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get:

Store and Earn

Never waste excess solar energy again. ProStar’s battery storage systems allow you to save unused power for later use, even at night or during low production times. You can even sell your surplus energy back to the grid for a profit!

Free Hot Water

Reduce your reliance on traditional heating with a solar immersion diverter. This innovative upgrade uses your solar panels to heat your water tank, significantly lowering your boiler usage.

Charge With Sunshine

Power your electric car directly from the sun! ProStar install high-speed EV chargers that connect seamlessly to your solar system, allowing you to charge your car emission-free and transform it into the ultimate eco-friendly ride.

These upgrades can be installed during your initial system setup or added later to suit your needs.

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Why Choose ProStar Energy as Your Residential Solar Installation Company?

With decades of combined experience, ProStar Energy is the trusted choice for all your solar energy needs. Here’s what makes them stand out from the competition:

Trusted Reputation

ProStar have installed high-quality solar systems for countless homeowners across the South, earning them a rock-solid reputation in the area.

25-Year Guarantee

ProStar’s solar panels come with warranties lasting up to 25 years. This extended coverage makes sure you’re protected in case of any unexpected issues.

Personalised Designs

ProStar designs your solar power system specifically for your property size and energy consumption, maximising your savings now and in the future.

Safety and Quality Guaranteed

ProStar holds all the necessary certifications to operate in the solar industry, adhering to the strictest safety and quality standards. Their accreditations include Checkatrade, TrustMark, TrustATrader, NICEIC, and REA.

Support Beyond Installation

ProStar’s commitment extends beyond installation. They offer a range of ongoing services, including maintenance, monitoring, and repairs, to keep your solar system running smoothly for years to come.

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