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What is Wet Rot Treatment?

Wet rot treatment is carried out after correctly identifying the type of fungal rot attack that is affecting the internal timbers of a property.

Our independently qualified surveyors use their wealth of knowledge to assist in this process. Whether a brown rot or white rot, all remedial wet rot wood treatment and repair is carried out by specially trained Prokil operatives who have completed rigorous training.

If you believe that your property is in need of wet rot treatment, call your local Prokil office today to book in for one of our no obligation timber rot treatment surveys.

Why Do I Need Wet Rot Treatment?

If a property is found to have wet rot, then the correct remedial wood rot treatment is vital to ensuring that more extensive damage is not encountered. Damp timbers are the initial cause of wet rot fungal growth but they can also lead to woodworm infestations and even the growth of other rots.

Implementing the right wet rot treatment will not only deal with the issues at present but will also assist in preventing further rot problems. As an example, the use of pre-treated timbers which comply with BS 8417:2011 are recommended.

If you think that your property may benefit from having wet rot treatment or wet rot prevention treatment, Prokil are the damp experts for you.

How Do I Know If I Need Wet Rot Treatment?

If the appearance of any wood has changed on its own, it is often as the result of the timbers having become wet and fungal rot growth developing. Our qualified surveyors and wet rot specialists are able to carry out both intrusive and non-intrusive investigations to determine if this is the case, as well as the best form of remedial wet rot timber treatment needed.

Should you believe that you are suffering from wet rot or are unsure whether or not you even have wet rot then looking out for these signs could help.

  • Shrinking timber, particularly behind painted surfaces
  • Cracking along the surface of the timber
  • Timbers which have become fibrous in appearance
  • The presence of fungal rot, strands, mycelium or fruiting bodies

What Does Wet Rot Treatment Involve?

The process of wet rot treatment is relatively straight forward and usually follows the same process. Our wet rot specialists are on hand to provide you with an effective, long-lasting solution.

  1. There must be an initial source of water due to wet rot only forming on damp timbers. This source of should be identified and stopped immediately.
  2. Commonly this can be from a leaking pipe, raised ground levels allowing for lateral water penetration or from a roofing defect causing penetrating damp.
  3. The area affected by the wet rot should have a drying regime implemented to dry out the timbers. Once the timbers have dried out then this takes away one of the requirements for wet rot to develop and grow.
  4. All timbers which have been affected by the wet rot should be cut out and dispose of in an appropriate manner.
  5. All surfaces within the required zone will be treated with an approved fungicidal spray to kill the rot and any spores which may have spread.
  6. New pre-treated timbers will need to be installed as required in order to replace those which have been removed.

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