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If your basement is unused then why not convert it into a useable space? That’s where basement and cellar conversions at Prokil come in.

Many properties have a basement space that has never been converted into a living space due to damp or other issues. Our basement conversions specialists can help you completely transform your basement or cellar into a full-functioning living space with the installation of an effective waterproofing system.

What Is A Basement or Cellar Conversion?

A basement or cellar conversion is usually the process by where an unusable below ground area has a waterproofing system installed, completely converting your cellar or basement into a living space. Prokil have a specialist team who can take care of everything from start to finish, including the installation of the waterproofing system, decorating and the installation of fitted units such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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Why Should I Convert My Basement or Cellar?

With the price of land increasing every year, basement and cellar conversions are a great and fast way to increase your living space in your property. We have converted many basements to meet the requirements of residential and commercial owners alike.

A basement or cellar conversion is a very affordable project compared to a new build extension or moving home, giving you greater flexibility and space. Even with a relatively limited budget, Prokil can substantially expand your home with every step of the project being completed by our team of experts, covered by our guarantee.

A few years ago, basement and cellar conversions were a more complicated project to take on. Today however, a conversion can be done quickly, cleanly, efficiently and effectively thanks to the modern waterproofing systems available. You will be surprised by just how quick and efficient the transformation will be.

Call Prokil, your #1 basement conversion company, today for more information on our basement and cellar conversions.

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