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What is a woodworm infestation?

Woodworm infestations occur when the larvae of wood boring insects tunnel through wood.

Most woodworm usually feed on the sapwood of softwood and hardwood of timbers however depending on the species some will cause damage to other parts.

All timbers which are not treated are at risk of an infestation. Due to the life cycle of wood boring insects, woodworm infestations usually continue until some form of treatment is carried out. At Prokil, we can effectively treat a woodworm infestation and put measures into place to prevent future infestations.

The Woodworm Life Cycle

The woodworm life cycle is very common and in keeping with most other species of insects. The female beetle will lay eggs in the cracks, pores or crevices of timbers on either the surface or just underneath. Once they have hatched the wood boring larvae feed, sometimes for several years, on the timber. As they do they create tunnels which is when the damage starts to occur.

When the larvae reach maturity they pupate to allow the change into beetle. Upon becoming beetles they then tunnel to work their way out of the timber. It is often at this stage that the ‘flight holes’, coupled with the presence of frass, are the first indicators that there is a woodworm infestation. Knowledge on the different types of these can help to correctly identify the species.

Woodworm Damage

As wood boring larvae eat their way through timbers, they create hollow tunnels. Different species of woodworm create different size and shaped tunnels. Eventually, given enough time, sufficient timber is consumed that it starts to create significant woodworm damage, affecting the structural strength of the wood. In some instances this can result in floorboards crumbling away completely, joists breaking and other related structural issues.

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