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What is crack stitching?

Cracks in your masonry aren’t just an eyesore. By allowing rainwater and cold air to trickle in, they can permanently damage the structure of your home and end up costing you thousands in repairs.

Crack stitching is one of the best ways to prevent this. A cost-effective alternative to a full brick replacement, it involves drilling holes across the cracks, then inserting the stainless steel reinforcing bars or rods and grouting them into place. This creates a strong structural bond across the crack, helping to distribute the load of the wall more evenly and prevent further cracking or movement.

At Prokil, we carry out masonry crack stitching on both residential and commercial buildings. Our skilled specialists will perform the necessary repairs quickly and effectively, lengthening the lifespan of your wall and saving you from the cost of more extensive repairs in the future.

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Why do bricks crack?

Masonry can crack for a number of reasons, with the most common being:

Temperature fluctuations

Sudden changes in temperature can cause bricks to expand or contract, often at different rates to the surrounding materials, eventually causing them to crack.


Bricks are made out of hard baked clay, a porous material. Over time, they can absorb moisture and swell, leading to them cracking. This can occur due to water ingress through the mortar joints, exposure to high levels of humidity, or freeze-thaw cycles.

Soil subsidence

When the ground beneath a building settles, it can cause the foundation and walls to shift and crack. If you believe this may be the cause then we would recommend having a structural survey carried out first

Poor workmanship

Inadequate mortar joints or incorrect brick bonding patterns can cause stress and movement within the wall, leading to cracking.


Like any building material, bricks will naturally deteriorate over time. This can result in cracks, chips, or discolouration.

During your survey, we’ll take care to correctly identify the cause of the cracking in your bricks. This will help us determine the most suitable repair method to use going forwards.

Why do cracked bricks need to be repaired?

When water trickles in through a crack in your masonry, it can slowly penetrate through to the interior of your walls and cause damp to form. This can damage the materials in your wall and can lead to the growth of mould,a potentially serious health risk.

Penetrating damp may also affect your internal timbers which could then result in wood boring beetle infestations and wood destroying rots.

Cracks also compromise your home’s insulation, meaning you’ll need to spend more on heating to keep it warm in the winter.

How will we repair your cracked bricks?

After you get in touch with us, we’ll usually carry out the following steps:

  1. We’ll survey the brickwork, assessing the extent of the damage and determining how to best repair it. We’ll then provide you with a competitively priced quote for our services.
  2. Once you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll clear the area around the crack of any loose debris or mortar.
  3. We’ll use a masonry drill to drill a series of holes across the crack. The spacing and depth of the holes will depend on the size and location of the crack and the type of stitching system being used.
  4. We’ll insert stainless steel rods or bars into the holes, spanning the width of the wall. The rods will typically be slightly longer than the width of the wall to ensure a good bond across the full width.
  5. Once the rods are in place, we’ll pump a cementitious grout into the holes to fill any gaps and create a strong bond between the rods and the masonry.
  6. Finally, we’ll clean any excess grout and leave the grout to dry. This will usually take around 24 to 72 hours.

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