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What is Damp Proof Plastering?

Damp proof plastering is where a specialist plaster is applied to a masonry wall to form part of remedial damp proofing.

This is often carried out in conjunction with the use of chemical damp proof course injection in order to comply with current British Standards Code of Practice.

Have you spotted signs of mould or damp in your walls? Prokil’s plastering specialists can carry out a survey to determine the extent of the problem, then cover your walls with an effective damp proof plaster. This will help prevent the formation of damp in your walls for years to come.

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Why Do I Need Damp Proof Plastering?

Regular gypsum-based plasters cannot cope with the salt contaminants or damaged plaster that is left behind after years of accumulation. This is because they cannot tolerate moisture well, and consequently allow the transfer of salt and damp through walls.

As a result of this, you can be left with long-lasting problems such as decorative spoiling. This can negatively impact your home and make it uncomfortable and unpleasant to live in, not to mention potentially lower its resale value, which is why damp proof plastering is so important.

Prokil’s damp proof plastering is the ultimate solution for cavity walls suffering from damp. Our professional rendering contractors will use a damp proof plaster mix approved by the British Board of Agreement (BBA). This has been thoroughly tried and tested to show resistance to salt and moisture. It will provide your walls with a high layer of protection, keeping them dry and preventing moisture from contaminating them further.

How Do I Know If I Need Damp Proof Plastering?

There are some common tell-tale signs that your property might be suffering from rising or penetrating damp, which can all be effectively treated with a damp proof render.

Our fully qualified dry lining contractors can attend your property to assess the precise cause and advise on what form of damp proof plastering may be required. If you think you might require our professional plastering services, here are the signs to look out for:

  • Tidal marks
  • Crumbling plasterwork
  • Discolouration of paint/wallpaper
  • Salt staining

How Can I Tell How Much Plaster Needs Replacing?

Damp may only be limited to certain sections of the wall, so even if you do spot signs of it, you don’t necessarily need to have all of your plaster replaced. However, the opposite may also be true and you may have a more significant underlying damp issue.

The only way to truly confirm the extent of your damp problem is to contact an experienced damp surveyor, who can inform you on the best remedial action.

Although highly salt-contaminated plaster is easy to spot, other sections that need replacing aren’t always so obvious. Moderately salt-contaminated plaster that could worsen in the future is often harder to identify, which is why calling in a damp expert is best.

Our team use specialist equipment like moisture readers to detect damp problems that aren’t visible, allowing you to get ahead of the problem before it gets worse.

There are a few different factors that determine how much plaster needs replacing. These include:

The type of plaster: Some types of plaster (such as gypsum) tend to be less resilient to salts than other types (such as cement). Less resilient plasters often require replacement more.

The effectiveness of the damp proof course: Certain damp proof courses are less effective at repelling moisture than others. An ineffective damp-proof course will allow moisture to permeate further into the plaster, meaning more of it needs replacing.

At Prokil, our specialist team can treat your walls with a highly effective chemical damp-proof course. Not only will this allow much of the original plasterwork to be retained, but it will keep the new plaster damp-free for years to come.

The length of time allowed:Waiting six months or more after installing the damp-proof course makes it easier to identify which sections of plaster need to be replaced. However, this is not always convenient for the property owner, especially if the house is currently being lived in.

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