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Whether it’s due to water damage, rot, insect infestation, or simply old age, damaged timbers can compromise the structural integrity of your building and pose a serious safety hazard.

It’s essential to address any issues as soon as possible to prevent further damage and ensure that your building remains safe and secure. At Prokil, we specialise in structural timber replacement and have years of experience in assessing and repairing damaged floorboards, joists and roof timbers.

Our team of experts is committed to providing high-quality, reliable solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. To book a professional timber survey, call us on 0800 048 9488.

Types of timber we repair and replace

At Prokil, we specialise in the repair and replacement of various types of timber used in residential and commercial properties. Here are some of the most common types of timber we repair and replace:

Timber rafter replacement

The rafters in your roof structure play a crucial role in ensuring the stability and safety of your property. When these timber components become damaged or rotten, it can pose a serious risk to the integrity of your roof. Our team can assess and repair or replace damaged timber rafters to ensure the safety and stability of your roof is maintained.

Timber floorboard and joist replacement

Timber floorboards and joists can become damaged due to exposure to moisture, heavy traffic, or age. Our team can replace damaged or worn-out floorboards to restore the beauty and functionality of your floors.

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Does my timber require replacement?

In some cases, rotten or damaged timber can be repaired. The extent of the damage and the location of the affected timber will determine whether repair is a viable option.

Damage caused by wood rot

Minor rot that has not spread to the core of the timber may be able to be removed by sanding or cutting away the damaged area, and then treated with a specialist preservative. However, if the rot has spread throughout the timber, repair may not be possible, and replacement may be the only option to ensure the safety and stability of the building.

Damage caused by woodworm

If the damage caused by woodworm is minor and has not affected the structural integrity of the timber, it may be possible to treat the timber. . However, if the woodworm infestation has caused significant damage, it may not be possible to repair the timber. In such cases, the affected wood may need to be replaced entirely.

Damage caused by excess moisture

When timber is affected by excess moisture for example from a leak, it may cause the timber to warp, split or rot. In such cases, the damaged timber may need to be replaced entirely to regain structural integrity.

It’s essential to have a professional assess any damaged timber to determine whether repair or replacement is the best course of action. At Prokil, we use the latest techniques and equipment to provide cost-effective repair solutions.

If you suspect that you have rotten timber in your property, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation timber survey to assess the damage and recommend the best course of action.

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