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What is Basement and Cellar Waterproofing?

Basement and cellar waterproofing is the process by which a below or partially below ground structure is protected from ground water. The system can be applied to the walls and floors of such areas either internally, integrally or externally to provide a complete watertight system.

Basement and cellar waterproofing encompasses all forms of systems, “Type A”, “Type B” and “Type C”, however most people commonly associate it with cavity drain membranes, sumps and pumps. These systems usually require some form of maintenance but the benefits normally outweigh the costs.

Prokil is a basement and cellar waterproofing company with experienced contractors who have been installing effective systems in both commercial and residential properties for over 50 years. In that time we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in meeting our clients’ needs.

Why Do I Need Basement or Cellar Waterproofing?

If you wish to use your basement or cellar as either storage or habitable living accommodation, then basement and cellar waterproofing should be your first consideration. Due to their nature of being either fully or partially below ground, basements and cellars are liable to flood at some point in their life. This is because any build up of ground water exerts hydrostatic pressure on the structure which can result in lateral water penetration.

When considering whether to waterproof your basement or cellar it is strongly advised to work closely with the current British Standards Code of Practice. All of our expert surveyors at Prokil have been trained to work closely with BS8102:2009 which sets out the principles for protecting below ground structures from ground water. One component of this code of practice covers the fact that if water penetration occurs then is it deemed acceptable? If the answer is no, then basement or cellar waterproofing should be considered.

Prokil is a highly trusted basement waterproofing company and are preferred contractors and installers of all types of basement and cellar waterproofing systems.

To find out whether you require our waterproofing services, call your local office to arrange a survey with our basement waterproofing contractors.

How Do I Know If I Need Basement or Cellar Waterproofing?

Quite simply, if you want to use your basement or cellar without the risk of it flooding then some form of waterproofing should be considered. Our specialist team of surveyors are able to work with you to develop a suitable system which will comply with British Standard 8102:2009 and provide you with a useable space free from the risk of flooding.

Look out for these signs in your basement or cellar that indicate that having Prokil install a waterproofing system would be best for your property:

  • Debris deposits around the perimeter of the basement or cellar
  • Decorative spoiling on the walls at various heights
  • Standing water or varying water levels at different times of the year
  • Timbers which are damp and may have started to rot and or decay
  • Timbers which have been infested with wood boring insects

What Is Involved in Basement and Cellar Waterproofing?

The British Standard Code of Practice state that a waterproofing specialist should be involved from the design stage when considering implementing a new waterproofing system. Prokil have a dedicated team of experts who are all qualified to advise on the exact process and to oversee any installation.

From the start any site has to be inspected thoroughly and as much information gathered. This is done to enable the waterproofing specialist to be able to propose the best system.

After a basement or cellar waterproofing system has been designed then the Prokil operatives will get to work to efficiently and professionally install it. After completion a guarantee is then issued to give peace of mind.

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