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What is Timber Preservation Treatment?

Timber preservation treatment is the process by which wood undergoes some form of manipulation in order to extend its natural life expectancy.

Different varieties of wood have varying life spans at which they maintain their structural integrity before they start to decay and fail. The objective of carrying out timber preservation treatments is to protect your property from woodworm and wet and dry rot attack.

When determining the durability of wood a “graveyard test” is undertaken. This involves burying the end of a piece of wood in the ground and monitoring how long it lasts before it starts to decay. Depending on the results timbers are graded from perishable to very durable. Usually those closer to the perishable end of the scale are used for internal timbers and those which are durable are use as structural timbers.

In order to extend the life expectancy of a piece of wood, some form of timber preservative treatment is carried out. Usually this occurs at a wood processing facility, where the permeability of wood determines which timbers are best suited to preservation treatment.

In some instances timbers which are already in-situ in a property will need treatment to prolong their life. Often these are bedded in timbers, which cannot be replaced as they form part of the integral structure. When this is the case, Prokil offer two forms of timber preservation treatment.

  • Pasting and spraying chemical preservatives can be applied to timbers which are permeable.
  • Inserting boron rods to timber which are deemed resistant or extremely resistant.

What is Timber Replacement?

If it has been determined that timber replacement is necessary then Prokil can use their team of specialists to safely remove and if required, appropriately dispose of them. Timbers may need to be replaced in any section of a property and so it is important to ensure that professionals who understand the various forms of property construction are used. Careful removal is always the most crucial component as the failure of which can otherwise lead to other structural issues.

Depending on what the timber is intended to be used as, whether as a floor joist, floorboard or roofing batten, will warrant using different types of timbers.

Prokil ensure that any timber replacement which is carried out is done so using the appropriate materials and in accordance with current codes of practice.

How Do I Know If I Need Timber Preservation Treatment or Replacement?

Timbers preservation treatment and/or replacement is required if deemed necessary by a suitably qualified timber specialist. Our timber treatment specialist surveyors are qualified in timber, wood destroying fungal rot and woodworm identification. This enables them to quickly establish whether timber treatment or replacement is required.

If you come across any of the following symptoms, choose Prokil as your timber treatment company for preservation treatment or even replacement.

  • Cracking or crumbling timbers
  • Signs of fungal rot decay
  • Features indicating woodworm
  • Timbers which are damp
  • A report from a third party indicating timber related issues
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