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Having damp areas in your home can be a very big issue that, if not dealt with, can cause long term damage to the foundation of your home.

There are a few forms of dampness that can lead to this kind of serious structural damage, a number of which we’ve outlined below. Take a look.

Rising Dampness

This type of dampness is caused when moisture from the ground rises through pores in your home’s foundation due to capillary action. In more basic terms, your home’s masonry acts like a wick, sucking up groundwater.

There are many compounds in the groundwater including nitrates and chlorides that then move through the surface of your home and eat away at the base, eroding plasters and bases over time. This can be fixed easily by calling one of our trained professionals and having them apply a salt resistant barrier to the effected areas.

Penetrating Dampness

If you have a leaking drainpipe or hose, a broken water pipe or other, having water running constantly over the walls of your home will eventually cause the water to seep through the pores in your structure. This is called penetrating dampness and is easily remedied by fixing the source of the problem, allowing the area to dry out over time.

Without repairs, this form of dampness, like rising dampness, can seep through and eat away at your home’s structure.


The moisture that forms on surfaces when warm, moist air meets cold air is called condensation.  This form of dampness is often found on windowsills and homes with bad insulation or ventilation. Condensation often creates black mould on walls as well as forming cracks in wallpaper and it can also ruin upholstery.

If you’re looking for a solution to your condensation problems, our qualified professionals can install new ventilation systems for you and improve your homes insulation and heating.

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