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Woodworm can spread quickly and easily around your home, travelling to and from wooden and timber structures.

Woodworm are often referred to as larvae of wood boring beetles which can cause infestations and when left untreated can spread quickly and easily across your home.

What is woodworm?

It is always useful to understand what woodworm is and how to tell if you have an infestation in your home. Commonly mistaken for worms, woodworm is in fact a species of beetle.

Wood boring beetle lay their eggs on the surface of timbers. When they hatch the beetle larvae, often responsible for the damage caused to your home and furnishings, eat through wood for a source of food.. Learn more about the causes of woodworm, the life cycle of woodworm and how to prevent it from an early stage.

How should I treat woodworm?

If you believe you have a woodworm infestation in your home, it is always advised to seek professional treatment and advice as soon as possible to limit the associated consequences. If you are unsure how to identify the early signs of woodworm infestation you can find out more at our general FAQ’s page.

By consulting Prokil to correctly identify the species of woodworm and how to treat severe or early woodworm infestations you can be assured not only will we provide the relevant treatments but prevent the problem from returning in the future. Find out more about our expert woodworm treatment services or get in touch with one of our experienced professionals for more advice.

Is woodworm in the house a serious problem?

Woodworm infestations can cause severe structural damage to your home and furnishings without you even realising. The damage caused by woodworm can make your home structurally unsafe to live in and can spread around your home at a rapid rate. Often, until the point at which the holes in your wood and timber are visible woodworm infestation can go completely unnoticed, by which time detrimental damage to your home will have already occurred.

If you do not deal with the problem immediately woodworm can completely destroy your home, disintegrating architectural timber structures and home furnishings.

How does woodworm spread?

There are a number of ways woodworm can infest and spread around your home.

The adult woodworm beetles are capable of flying and freely move from wooden structures, laying eggs and to cause more severe infestations. The larvae will also tunnel through timbers and as they do will move along the length of a piece of timber.

Prokil woodworm specialists recommend you prevent spreading before it becomes an issue. Read more about the problems woodworm cause if you do not take proactive steps to reduce their spread.

Prokil has a professional and experienced team who are experts at identifying, preventing and treating woodworm infestations in your home. We offer a home survey because we understand that sometimes it isn’t always easy to identify woodworm and it is daunting to think that wood boring insects could be causing all manner of issues in your home.

If you want advice on your woodworm issue, and to take a proactive approach to ensuring the issue is properly treated get in contact with Prokil today, speak to one of our team members on 0800 048 9488 or via email on [email protected]. We can help with your every woodworm need. Get in touch today.

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