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Here’s why you should ALWAYS choose Prokil’s expert damp services:

Identifying damp issues is not always easy, how can you tell the difference between rising damp, condensation damp, penetrating damp, and other issues? Our expert damp specialists are trained to identify and recommend the best possible damp solutions.

For minor repairs, damp DIY might seem the best option to save money or to even keep you busy; but sometimes this could cause more harm than good.

Here are a few disadvantages of DIY damp repairs:

  • For major and complicated damp repairs that you don’t have any experience with, the chances of a good outcome are quite small. Even with plenty of research, most damptreatments require hands-on experience to get a satisfying result.
  • You may increase the damp damage instead of repairing it. Damp repairs are often more complicated than they appear, which can cause a novice DIY damp proofing repairman to exaggerate the issue.
  • You may not have the necessary tools. Most damp repairs require specialised (often expensive) tools. If this is the case, it may be cheaper to hire a damp specialist.
  • DIY damp treatment can be dangerous. Repairs to walls near to electricals can be dangerous, even when performed by a professional. Don’t put your health at risk to save a small amount of money.

A few reasons you should always choose Prokil:

  • Our team our damp specialists, with over 50 years of industry experience. Learn more about us, and what we do.
  • We offer a guarantee*, if something goes wrong later down the line (which is rare) our expert damp specialists will happily return to solve any issues.
  • Our expertise mean we can easily identify the problem and offer the correct damp services for your problem.
  • We offer a free** survey, so you have nothing to loose getting one of damp specialists to come and look at the problem before you potentially make it worse.

Amongst many other benefits it should be clear that damp DIY is not always the best option. To speak to our friendly experienced team, to find out how our damp solutions could help you give us a call on 0800 048 9488 or via email [email protected].

*Guarantees provided on selected completed works for full details contact us.

**Select surveys may incur a cost, contact us for more information.

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