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A critically important process that is sometimes overlooked

Tanking is the name given to the formation of an unbroken waterproof ‘tank’ around the walls of a building that are usually underground. This tank is normally formed using the application of a waterproof material to the walls or floors of the building, and can be done either internally or externally.

The basic idea behind this is similar to lining the bottom of a pond to keep the water in – but reversed. The aim of tanking is to keep the water out!

The traditional method of dealing with damp has always been to batten the inner wall surface out and panel over the top of it, which is satisfactory for a while but the wooden panels eventually succumb to the moisture and begin to rot.

As building technology has improved, so have tanking techniques. Modern day tanking is effectively a liquid coating that bonds to damp masonry, curing to form a complete waterproof seal.

Because of its construction, tanking is not considered suitable in treating ongoing damp problems as the waterproof seal has already been broken by this point. For best results, tanking is completed during the construction of the building or immediately after, as this ensures a damp-proof protective layer around the structure.

Unfortunately, tanking does not guarantee protection from damp issues, as any slight movement to the building (which often occurs over an extended period of time) can lead to cracks appearing, leaving weak points and ultimately vulnerability to moisture.

Prokil are the damp-proofing experts and can help you with basement waterproofing or tanking to ensure protection against damp and moisture.

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