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Many of us know what causes mould; when moisture is trapped in the rooms of you home. Sometimes, there is insufficient insulation in the walls, so mould grows. However, not many people realise that additional insulation isn’t always the answer. In fact, too much insulation can be the secret cause of mould.

How can too much insulation cause mould?

  • Moisture build up – If the walls have been constructed or filled with too much insulation, your home won’t be able to breath. Moisture collects on the walls, and soon damp removal is required.
  • Heat rises – As we know, heat rises, and while we are all being told to increase the insulation levels in the loft, this can often create a problem. Although more insulation in the loft will make the room below warmer, this in turn means that a warmer room holds more moisture. Eventually as the warm, moisture laden air rises it passes through the ceiling where it enters the now even colder loft space. As this warm moist air enters the loft it condenses on the cold surfaces and then creates the perfect environment for mould to form.

What to do if you have too much insulation

There are many things you can do to combat mould. The most important thing is to ensure that fresh air is let into the room. Opening windows or locking them on the latch when you are at work or asleep is an easy way to improve air quality and to exercise condensation control. If you believe you have too much insulation in your loft then it would probably be a good idea to get a condensation specialist, such a Prokil, to carry out a survey to check the condition of your loft timbers.

What to do if you have mould caused by over-insulating

One of the best ways to remedy the situation is to add ventilation into your home. At Prokil, we offer two condensation prevention and home ventilation solutions:

Passive air vents: This is a very effective means of condensation removal as they allow the expulsion of excess moisture from the air. Passive air vents function continuously for 24 hours and don’t require electricity.

Positive pressure ventilation: This combats moisture by adding specially filtered, heated air. The humidity and stale air in your home will decrease and the level of clean fresh air is increased, vastly improving the air you’re breathing in.

If you would like your damp assessed, Prokil condensation specialists offer a no obligation damp survey. We have over 50 years’ experience with over 8,000 happy clients so far. Book a mould survey online or give one of our experienced damp treatment specialists a call on 01202 515566 or email.

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