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Across the UK 4% of all homes (around one million) are affected by damp each year, making it a common problem.

Despite it being so common it can be incredibly complex to solve and requires professional damp specialists who can find the source and execute treatment.. Prevent damp from becoming an issue and potentially causing irreversible damage with our quick tips on what causes damp, how to prevent it and avoid damp damage.

What is damp?

There a 3 common types of damp that can affect your home, rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Condensation damp affects the most properties; causing issues for a whopping 586,000 (2%) homes in the UK.

How is condensation and mould caused?

You will be surprised how much water vapour builds inside your home by everyday activities such as cooking, showering and even breathing. Warm water vapour settles on cold walls and creates condensation, resulting in the perfect environment for mould to form.

Why is it bad for a property to have condensation?

Condensation problems left untreated can eventually cause serious damage to walls and affect the health of inhabitants. Get it checked as soon as possible by booking a survey with a damp specialist.

Your property will show signs of a condensation issue via mould formation, which can then spoil paint and plasterwork. This can then lead to more serious structural issues including wet rot and dry rot. Occasionally you may not be able to see issues until it’s too late as condensation can form in hidden areas within your property, which is why condensation damp prevention is so important.

How do I prevent a condensation damp problem?

  • Open a window or use/install an extractor fan in all kitchen and bathrooms. If you need advice on ventilating your home, we have a range of ventilation systems to prevent condensation damp in your home.
  • Avoid drying your washing indoors, and if you do, place it by an open window
  • Keep your home at a constant temperature of between 18-21 degrees and prevent temperature fluctuations.
  • Keep furniture away from walls to help air circulate

What if it’s too late and I need damp specialists?

The majority of damp issues, especially condensation and mould, can be quickly resolved with the correct remedial treatment through the services which Prokil provide. Such services include: damp proof plastering, damp proofing, ventilation systems and damp proof course. If you are a student or in rented accommodation, please report any condensation and damp issues to your letting agent or landlord who will be able to arrange a damp survey.

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