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Rising damp can be very frustrating, especially as it’s one of the most complicated types of damp to repair. Consequently, rising damp treatment can be expensive compared to other types of damp treatments. Our team of damp proofing specialists at Prokil offer rising damp treatment accompanied with our professional, knowledgeable service and a 20-year guarantee.

What can I do if I’ve got rising damp?

Oh no! You’ve seen rising damp creeping up the walls, but don’t panic. Firstly, you need to investigate whether you already have a damp proof course within your home. A damp proof course can stop water from the ground soaking into walls (at ground level) or flooring. Newer houses will more often than not have a damp proof course due to regulations that made them compulsory in 1875. However, older houses built before then are not likely to have one.

What if I’ve got rising damp, but already have a damp proof course?

If you already have a DPC installed in your home, but you’re still experiencing decorative spoiling from rising damp, it could be because the damp proof course has become damaged or worn over time. In this case, you will may need to consider getting your damp proof course repaired or replaced.

It is also worth checking to see whether your damp is resulting from the ground outside building up above your damp proof course, which is supposed to be 15cm above ground level. If this sounds familiar, we can dig away excess exterior soil to return it to its required level.

What damp proofing services do we offer?

Prokil is made up of a professional team of damp specialists who can either repair or replace a damp proof course within your home. The most popular fix for a missing or impaired damp proof course involves drilling holes into your wall and injecting a damp-proof cream. Alternatively, we can cut grooves into the brickwork and install a physical DPC, however this method of installing a DPC is more invasive than drilling holes and may be difficult to hide.

Our 20 Year Damp Proof Course Guarantee

We are proud to offer a 20 year guarantee on all damp proof courses installed by us. This guarantee provides our customers with confidence and peace of mind in case anything happens to go wrong with their damp proof course in the future. To qualify for our guarantee, you must retain the original guarantee document, any plans of the works and the original reports.

We are more than happy to attend to any problems you might have in the future to ensure you receive the best and most attentive service.

If you have any questions about rising damp treatment and our damp proof course services, contact one of our friendly teams of damp specialists today. You can even book a survey with us, where we will be happy to check and address any problems you might be having.

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