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Damp is commonly found in basements and cellars across the UK, but where does it come from and what causes it to appear?

Your basement is a valuable room in your home – it offers a wide range of uses that other areas of a property cannot provide and therefore it is vitally important that any dampness is kept out.

Unfortunately, cellars and basements are more susceptible to problems with damp due to their unique location within the confines of the ground. Positioned underground in an enclosed area and nearer to (if not below) the water table, they are at a greater risk of succumbing to damp ingress.

This is something that comes under even greater pressure after periods of heavy rainfall or flooding, especially because the ventilation of a basement is much more difficult than simply opening a window. Prokil can provide advice and expertise on the best ways to keep your basement space ventilated effectively.

As well as generally being more vulnerable to damp, cellars and basements in the UK can sometimes be neglected and suffer from poor build quality to begin with. This is partly due to the age of some buildings and the fact that some people simply don’t use their basement.

If you believe your basement or cellar may be suffering from issues with damp or condensation, speak to a member of the Prokil team today for an accurate expert opinion. With such a wide variety of potential problems, it is often a bad idea to try and fix the issue yourself – sometimes this can just make the damp worse!

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