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Damp can cause considerable damage to a building, particularly penetrating damp. Unlike other forms of damp, this is caused by external forces that can often be controlled. One form of penetrating damp is caused by rain and it often occurs in homes that have solid walls and defective rainwater goods. These defects allow for water to penetrate through and enter the building. Damage to a property ranges from wet rot and dry rot to heat loss and decorative spoiling internally.

The areas of a property that are most susceptible to penetrating damp are commonly areas that are hard to reach. Roofs and chimneys are often the entry point of rain as they are the most exposed to the elements. Unfortunately, a missing tile easily goes unnoticed, but even one tile being out of place can cause water ingress and timber decay.

What are the causes of penetrating damp?

Roof damage – this includes cracked tiles, guttering and pipes. Even a slight crack will facilitate the access of water.

Old, porous bricks – as bricks age, they lose their ability to stop water from permeating through. In locations where rain-showers are particularly frequent, porous walls can cause problems quite quickly.

Degraded mortar and spalled bricks – if the bond that seals brickwork is damaged, water can enter the building. If bricks have started flaking this is a sign that moisture has got through.

Insufficiently insulated or sealed windows – paintwork or worn window seals can collect moisture and deteriorate quickly.

Blocked gutters – the build-up of leaves in gutter overflows can cause water to collect which results in the wetting of walls for a prolonged amount of time.

When to know if you should contact a damp specialist

As much as we wish it was possible, the weather is uncontrollable. If you recognise any of the signs of penetrating damp, it’s important to not just rectify the damage caused but to establish the access points of the rain penetration. The damp specialists at Prokil can help with penetrating damp treatment. A damp proof course from Prokil will stop moisture from entering the interior of buildings, adding a long-term barrier to protect homes.

If you would like your damp assessed or if you need penetrating damp treatment, Prokil offer a free, no obligation damp survey. We have over 50 years’ experience with over 8,000 happy clients so far. Book a damp survey online or give one of our experienced damp specialists a call on 01202 515566 or email.

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