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If your home was built after the First World War, it is likely to have cavity walls with wall ties embedded into them. Cavity wall ties are vital in stabilising each wall and making it safe and structurally reliable. Cavity walls require wall ties to ensure they remain straight and upright.

Are the unseen metal components in cavity walls working?

Cavity wall ties are often overlooked and unnoticed, however they provide longevity and structural security to your home. It is often hard to identify what cavity wall ties are and if they are working sufficiently.

There are two main parts to a cavity wall, the inner and external leaf. Cavity wall ties are used to maintain the internal strength of these two parts, keeping them rigid and providing support against the normal forces a wall will undergo. Without them, the external leaf could simply be blown over by a gust of wind! Take the popular board game JENGA – when the tower starts to grow in size, it gets harder and harder to add more bricks to the top as the structure is incredibly unstable. The same principle applies with the walls in your home, something often referred to as the ‘slenderness’ of a wall.

When to get cavity wall ties replaced

Many homes built after the First World War have wall ties built in, however the thin layer of galvanisation starts to give way and the ordinary steel underneath has begun to corrode. This can be incredibly dangerous, as the cavity wall will start to weaken if a significant number of the wall ties become corroded. In some cases, rust can develop and start to cause cracking along the brickwork where the wall tie was installed, and this can actually lead to the wall beginning to lift up, as much as 50mm at roof level.

If you haven’t had your cavity wall ties replaced or repaired, it may be time to seek help from cavity wall tie specialists.

The building trade has learnt overtime a lot about the integrity of cavity wall ties. Our expert cavity wall tie services combine the most durable materials and professional experience to provide the most structurally reliable and safe cavity wall replacements and repairs for your home ensuring no future corrosion.

If you are unsure about the quality and health of your wall ties, you can request a no obligation cavity wall tie survey from Prokil – we can assess the stability and safety of your cavity walls and advise you of the next steps, if any. Find out more about how our specialist cavity wall tie services can help you today, call us on 0800 048 9488.

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