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Are you having problems with dampness in your home?

Even if you’re not, it might be time for you to consider damp proofing treatment to ensure the structural integrity and safety of your home should dampness become a problem.

If you are currently having problems with it, it’s most definitely time to take the necessary steps to damp proof the entire area.

To do this, you must first identify the type of dampness in your home. There are 4 types of damp: rising damp, condensation, penetrating damp, and floor/wall junction bridging. With proper diagnosis by a qualified professional and a suitable treatment plan, you can eradicate this problem once and for all.

But first, you need to consider the following:

Determine the Type and Extent

Rising damp occurs when moisture seeps in through the mortar or tiny cracks in a building and enters the inhabitable space, rendering the load bearing capabilities of the structure weak and eventually causing structural failure, mould and mildew.

Condensation occurs when moisture forms on surfaces of walls and other materials. It is formed when warm air comes in to contact with a cold surface and immediately turns back into water.  This is generally found near windowsills but can originate in many areas within a home.

Penetrating damp stems from leaks caused by various things including bad drainpipes, leaking roofs, bad corners or other faults. This can usually be remedied by fixing the external cause of the leak.

Junction bridges are gaps created between floors and walls where water can enter a dwelling.

Determine the Cause

When you locate the source of the problem, it will be a lot easier to fix. Find, repair or remove the source of the moisture to start the restorative process for your home.

Contact a Professional

By contacting a qualified professional, you can identify all problem areas within your home, which will enable you to treat any problems before they start to affect your quality of life. These professionals have the tools needed to ensure that your home remains clean and safe for years to come.

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