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Mould and condensation can be prevented quite simply by altering a few of your habits.

For example, if you put an inch of cold water into your bath before running the hot tap this will cut down considerably on steam.

Drying clothes indoors can increase condensation levels, particularly if you allow them to dry on hot radiators. If you do find it necessary to dry your wet clothes in this way then opening a window will help prevent the build-up of excess moisture. Tumble dryers can be useful, but it is vital that the appliance is vented outside during use.

Condensation can often form on windows. To prevent the formation of mould it’s important that you wipe off any excess moisture as and when it appears.

Mould can grow in wardrobes and cupboards if they are overfilled. To prevent mould growth make sure that they are adequately ventilated by leaving ample space at the back of shelves and fitting ventilators in doors. In addition, it’s also important to leave gaps between your furniture and walls to allow air to circulate freely.

During cooking or bathing remember to keep doors closed to prevent water vapour spreading to adjacent rooms. If you have an extractor fan fitted then remember to switch it on, particularly in rooms without windows that can be opened. When cooking don’t let kettles and pans boil for longer than is necessary.

If mould does appear in your property it is usually as a result of condensation. Mould can be removed by cleaning affected surfaces with a bleach solution, and areas can be painted with a special preventative paint. However, prevention is better than cure, and by tackling the causes of the initial condensation mould can usually be avoided altogether.

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