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There is a myriad of factors that contribute to the causes of damp. Sometimes, they can make themselves quite obvious, while other causes stay hidden and create incredibly irritating, recurring patches of mould that won’t go away on their own. Below we’ve outlined the main causes of damp and given you a way in which you can combat them – for good!

What are the top causes of damp?Causes of Damp

Here at Prokil, we are experts in resolving damp problems. Over the years, our experts have used their knowledge and skill to find and eradicate the causes of damp in thousands of properties across the south. Below we’ve given you our most common finds:[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1497599995969{padding-bottom: 30px !important;}”]

Damaged damp proof course

A damaged damp proof course is one of the leading causes of damp. Without it, water will travel up from ground level through the brickwork, which in turn, leads to a cacophony of problems including continuous mould and discoloration of décor. These problems also begin to arise when a damp proof course is old or damaged.

Poor roofing and defective guttering

If a roof isn’t pitched at the correct gradient or quality materials haven’t been used in laying the roof, it may not provide proper protection against wet weather conditions. This, of course, means water will find its way into your property, leading to a whole host of damp problems.  If your guttering is blocked and overflowing, water will leak down the outside of your house and enter your property through any weak spot in your exterior wall.

Poor property maintenance

Older properties, in particular, are susceptible to this cause of damp, as often a lack in maintenance means elements of the building structure become weathered and tired. From worn away pointing to defective seals around doors and windows, these small niggly problems are sometimes harder to source, as we often find it’s a number of issues that contribute to the causes of damp.

Bad ventilation

Bad ventilation is a common cause of damp. It usually results in moist air condensing on the walls, which in turn creates persistent damp patches. Condensation is more often a winter problem, as any cold draft that filters in from the outside turns into water droplets on the warm interior walls. Also, in moisture-heavy places like bathrooms or kitchens, proper ventilation is required to dry out any condensed air or steam.

What’s the result of the causes of damp?

The effects of the causes of damp can occur in different levels of severity. Sometimes, it can depend on how long the problem has been left undiscovered, while other times it can depend on the amount of water that has managed to work its way inside the walls of your property. Aside from manifesting themselves with a musty smell and mould, the two types of damp which exist can be recognised by the following characteristics.

Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp is more likely to have been caused by structural defects – where water manages to work its way into the wall through faults and damage. It usually expands across your walls and ceilings and travels in more of a horizontal direction through your property. As one of the leading causes of damp is rainwater entering your property, you’ll often find susceptible patches become darker when the weather is wet, as more water will be making its way through.

Rising damp

As we’ve already mentioned, defects in, or a lack of, your damp proof course are two of the other causes of damp. In this case, it’s called rising damp, as water travels from the ground up. Rising damp often manifests itself with marked flooring and rotting skirting boards. Also, as the water moves up through the ground and your property’s building materials, it gathers salts which then crystallise up the walls and leave tide marks on the décor.

How can we help fix the causes of damp?

Our team are specifically trained to recognise and eradicate the causes of Causes of Dampdamp. If you suspect that you have a problem, give the Prokil team today. They’ll come to your house as soon as possible to carry out a survey of your entire property, and from the findings, they’ll tell you the causes and arrange to have the problem fixed.

If it’s discovered that your damp proof course has a defect, they will use their skills to inject a chemical DPC, which will prevent water from travelling up through your walls. The experts at Prokil will then clear all traces of damp, and measure whether building materials are structurally sound or need mending or replacing.

If it’s discovered that your property is riddled with penetrating damp, our experts will source the causes of damp and arrange to have all work carried out by professional tradesmen, who are renowned for completing all work to a high standard. Whether you need something as large as a roof replacement or as simple as window resealing, the team at Prokil will be able to help you.  As with our rising damp service, they’ll assess the structure of your property and make sure building materials are sound before signing off the project.

Why should you choose Prokil to treat the causes of damp in your home?

We have been trading for over 50 years, and in that time, have gained a reputation for supplying the best services when it comes to tackling causes of damp. You can trust our experts to make sure that your property becomes a damp-free zone, as they’ll apply all of their skills and implement tried and tested techniques and materials when carrying out any work.

As a trusted member of checkatrade, you can see for yourself the praise that Prokil receives. We always make sure that our service is efficient. From your first phone call to carrying out the survey and having all necessary work to your property completed, when you choose Prokil, you’ll experience a smooth and easy service that’ll see all causes of damp completely eradicated in no time.

“Honest, professional people. Highly recommend. The guy was on time and full of knowledge, explained it all really well. We don’t need any damp proof work at the moment but if we do i will certainly be using these guys.”

Ben Bignell

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