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The term “damp proofing” basically means making something resistant to damp by using a damp proofing course (DPC). So, damp proofing is essentially just moisture control.

The construction industry applies damp proofing methods and products on to walls and floors to help prevent moisture – but actually there are many forms of damp proofing. Let’s take a tongue-in-cheek look at some…

  • A raincoat or an umbrella could be classed as damp proofing, seeing as they stop moisture and water making you wet when it rains!
  • Wearing latex or rubber gloves can also be classed as damp proofing as the constant wetting and drying when you are cleaning or doing the washing up can break down the skin on your hands’ protective barrier. As you’ll know if you already suffer with eczema, you need to avoid repeatedly wetting your hands whenever possible.
  • It’s also possible to damp proof your mobile phone or tablet. If you want to take your phone in with you whilst you take a bath then you could keep a zip-lock clear bag just for the purpose of sealing it completely inside and then you have access to ‘damp proof’ reading!

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