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Did you know that you should always keep your bathroom windows open or use the extraction fan whilst showering?  Also, did you know you should keep your bathroom door closed at least 30 minutes after a shower? As weird as it sounds, this will help to reduce condensation in your home. If you follow the 3 steps below, mould should never be an issue for you again: 

  1. Keep your bathroom well ventilated 
  2. Make sure you keep your bathroom door closed for at least 30 minutes after showering to prevent moisture from getting out and reaching cold areas. 
  3. Use some bathroom mould spray, if necessary. 

Contact Prokil for a diagnosis if none of the above worked. Surveyors at Prokil are known for their excellence in identifying any types of mold and will come up with quick solutions to your problem. 

Still unsure? Feel free, to check our FAQ on – 3 DIY tips for removing mould in your home.

OR Alternatively, visit our website page for more advice on mould treatments from our Damp Specialists

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