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Rot – the breakdown of organic matter by bacteria, fungi, and other decomposers – plays a vital part in nature. It recycles nutrients back into the ecosystem, allowing plants to reuse them in the biological cycle and sustain life.

When it comes to our homes, dealing with rot is a different story. It can cause damage to timber components, causing unsightly marks, structural deterioration, and in the worst cases, total collapse.

Wet rot happens when wood is exposed to moisture for extended periods. Unlike dry rot, wet rot tends to localise in areas with high moisture levels, appearing darker and spongier than the surrounding wood.

The Prokil team have dealt with hundreds of cases of rot over the years, giving us plenty of insight into its most common causes. Below, we break down some of the typical ways wet rot can find its way into your home, and explain what steps to take if you notice signs of a wet rot infestation.

1. Leaking roofs

The worst part of a leaky roof isn’t the irritating ‘tap, tap, tap’ of water dripping down – it’s the risk that water can saturate the timbers within your home’s structure. With rain as common as it is in the UK, water can quickly build up and spread to other wooden components, eventually leading to the growth of wet rot.

2. Blocked gutters

Gutters are responsible for collecting the rainwater that flows off your roof and directing it to your drains. However, if leaves, dirt, or debris block your gutters, water can’t drain properly and ends up overflowing. This overflow causes water to accumulate around foundations and seep into the wood in your walls, resulting in wet rot.

3. Defective plumbing or appliances

Water ingress doesn’t always come from outside your home. Leaky pipes, faulty washing machines or dishwashers, and burst taps are all common sources that introduce excess moisture into walls and floors. These leaks often go undetected, causing hidden wet rot to grow.

4. Condensation

The fogged-up windows you see in the bathroom after a hot shower are caused by condensation settling on the glass. If you don’t have a proper active or passive ventilation system in place, this condensation can soak into nearby wood and become the perfect breeding ground for wet rot.

5. Ground floor drying issues

Poor ventilation and a lack of damp-proofing in basements or crawl spaces can create a humid environment, leading to rising damp. This damp will spread up through your floors and into your walls and furniture, making them appealing targets for wet rot.

How should you treat wet rot if you spot it?

If you’ve noticed the telltale signs of wet rot in your home – musty smells, crumbling wood, and discoloured patches being the main ones – don’t try to deal with the issue yourself. Wet rot can often penetrate deeper into the wood than the eye can see, which means it can only be detected with specialist tools and expertise.

Instead, you should talk to a qualified damp and timber specialist as soon as possible. They’ll be able to assess the issue, pinpoint the cause, and provide an effective course of treatment.

Talk to Prokil for expert wet rot treatment

The Prokil team have been tackling wet rot and dry rot for over 50 years. Whether it’s a single rotten beam or a whole house infestation, we’ve got the hands-on experience needed to tackle any rot problem your home may have. We can also apply a preservative treatment to your timbers to prevent rot from returning and keep your home safe for years to come.

Don’t wait for a small case of rot to turn into a major headache – get a quote online or give us a call on 0800 048 9488! We’re here to answer your questions and explain the process in more detail, so feel free to reach out today.

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