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If you’re googling ‘how to treat wet rot’, this isn’t an issue that can be resolved by you alone.  Wet rot is incredibly destructive, and will weaken the timber within your walls until it is no longer structurally supportive.  With this the case, you need to seek the help of an expert immediately. So, if you’re looking for instructions on how to treat wet rot, give Prokil a call on 01202 515566 today.

What is wet rot and how do you recognise it?

Unfortunately, wet rot can often go unnoticed for a long time. With the timber frame of your building hidden behind plasterboard and flooring, sometimes the first signs of wet rot are only revealed when the walls themselves start to discolour.

The causes of wet rot can be put down to a number of reasons, including leaky pipes and severe rising damp issues.  Wet rot is also commonly discovered in external walls where structural defects have provided a path for water to filter into the internal structure.

Once water enters the timber, it creates a warm, festering environment in which fungus can grow; and it’s this fungus that eats away at the wood, changing its structure.
There are several different types of wet rot – a result of the various fungi that can infect the wood. These fungi include:

How to Treat Wet Rot

  • Mycelium
  • Coniophora puteana
  • Poria vaillantii

Each fungus produces different tell-tale signs, but it’s often only an expert who can truly recognise the differences between them.

If you’re looking for information on how to treat wet rot, have you spotted the signs that we’ve listed below:

  • Fungus growing on the timber –usually a white colour
  • Some patches of the wood are lighter than others
  • The wood takes on a spongy texture, even if painted
  • Cracks and crumbles easily when dry
  • Damp, musty smell

If you recognise any of the signs, get in touch with Prokil today.

How do we treat wet rot?

First and foremost, it’s important that we source the cause of the damp. As we mentioned earlier, this can often be a structural defect or a leaky pipe. Once any defects have been resolved, we can begin to treat the wet rot itself.

Once wood has become infected with wet rot, there’s no simple way of ‘curing’ it, but in minor cases, our wet rot experts possess the skills and the knowledge to apply certain methods of treatment that can kill the fungus and re-strengthen the damp timber, making it structurally sound once again.

For the most part, it is a case of removing the sections of wood that have been infected and replacing them with new bits of timber that have been treated with a chemical that prevents any spores from re-establishing a fungal colony.

Prokil are experts in how to treat wet rot

Our experts have been specifically trained to both recognise and treat the effects of wet rot, so when you’re searching the internet to find out how to treat wet rot, it’s simply a case of calling up the Prokil team.

One of our experts will come over to your property as soon as possible and will complete a full assessment before they tell you the correct methods of how to treat wet rot.

This assessment includes:

How to Treat Wet Rot

  • Sourcing the cause of the moisture
  • Confirming that it’s wet rot and not dry rot and what kind of fungi is growing
  • Assessing the extent of the damage
  • Giving you a fully broken down quote that includes mending and replacing any damaged material

Our dedication to supplying the very best knowledge and treatment when it comes to wet rot has confirmed our position as the number one damp specialist company. As such, we are the go-to company for local councils and estate agents who need experts to alleviate any wet rot issues in their properties.

Our position is further secured through our accreditations, which demonstrate that the service that we provide is second to none. These include:

We don’t just know how to treat wet rot

When it comes to the structural integrity of your home, it’s paramount you call in the experts whenever you’re concerned about an issue. At Prokil, we supply the very best damp-related services, which include:

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If you’re looking for a professional company whose experts know how to treat wet rot to the highest standard, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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