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Have you noticed small holes in your floorboards or loft timbers?  Do you have unexplained lines of dust on your car in the garage?  If so you could have woodworm! 

Watch out - watch out woodworms are about - Prokil

Between April and August is woodworm season, when the larvae of the woodworm beetle will begin to emerge as they pupate into beetles and begin to infest other untreated timbers. The most common of these is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum) which can be found in untreated timbers throughout your property.

The larvae feed on the wood, they bore galleries which become partly filled with granular wood dust (frass). When fully developed, after one to three years, the grubs or larvae approach the surface of the timber and pupate – generally between April to August. After the pupation period has become completed, the adult beetles bore small round exit holes. Adult beetles are capable of flight, and this enables them to travel and infest other timbers. Therefore we would always recommend treating the whole area as the larvae could be within the timber as they have not yet emerged.


More pictures of woodworm  infestation are available on the links below:

Woodworm infestation timber 

Woodworm infestation timber 


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