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If a condensation problem persists Prokil will assess the situation to determine what the root cause may be and how the situation can be changed.

Prokil will install a small temperature data logging probe, which will be left in the property for a week, to collect information on the humidity, temperature and heating patterns…

Prokil will collect the probes, after the week, and analyses the data to demonstrate why the added moisture is occurring and how changing your heating cycle or increasing ventilation could help. The probes can monitor the heating and moisture levels in a property minute by minute to provide an accurate and in depth analysis of the critical times and causes of condensation within a building. Prokil offers expert advise on how to avoid and reduce the affects of condensation within a property based on the readings collected by the probes and their vast experience of assessing properties.

However if the problem is not caused by a lack of ventilation or poor heating control then Prokil have a variety of options to help solve your problem, and will run a full assessment and diagnosis of the property to ensure that the issues can be resolved accurately and effectively.


If you are a landlord and your tenants are battling condensation issues that are causing mould and excess moisture problems in your property then Prokil can help. The current economical climate and the high cost of fuel often means that some tenants will not practice good heating control and will instead use the heating in short sharp burst, quickly heating and cooling the moisture in a building. This coupled with not allowing fresh air to ventilate throughout a property results in a substantial amount of excess moisture, which can be very damaging and costly to a property.

In order to establish whether the correct ventilation and heating management is being practiced by tenants in your property; arrange for a Prokil expert to install a temperature and humidity monitoring probe. By doing this landlords are able to see whether their property is being looked after properly and the correct heating and ventilation management is being practiced.

If Prokil finds no issues with the heating, humidity and ventilation then they can then conduct a more in depth assessment and diagnosis of the problems within the property.

For more information or to arrange to talk with one of the Prokil experts then give them a call on 01202 534653, or visit the offices at 82 Charminster Avenue, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 1SE. You can also read more information about our services in Bournemouth andBrighton.

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