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If your basement is unused or you want to make the most of your home’s living space, a basement or cellar conversion is an ideal solution. Many property owners neglect their basement due to damp issues, which ultimately means it is ineffective as a storage or living space. However, transforming it into a functional, liveable space will add another room and ultimately increase your property’s value.

Our basement conversion company can help you bring your basement to back to life with full waterproofing and refurbishment. Here are our top five tips for successfully converting your basement into a living space:

1.       Check you have sufficient light and head height

When carrying out a basement conversion, you should consider the amount of natural light and head height. Cellars will never be the brightest or tallest spaces, however these factors can be improved. This usually means digging down below the existing floor level and removing lots of earth. However, this can be an expensive task that reveals hidden problems. If the rooms directly above the cellar have high ceilings, we recommend raising the floor in these rooms to create more head height in the cellar below. This is usually a much easier, more hassle-free option compared to digging down.

2.     Check your home’s foundations

Converting a basement into a living space can be more difficult if your home or property’s foundations prove to be shallow. The house will typically have to be underpinned, which isn’t always cheap. However, a trusted basement conversion specialist will be able to recommend the right route to suit both your home and your budget.

3.     Ensure you have a basement waterproofing system in place

If you are looking to undergo a basement or cellar conversion, you should ensure you have a specialist basement waterproofing system in place to ensure it is watertight. This will prevent your space becoming susceptible to damp in the future and thus structural damage. If you choose to use a builder to carry out the main renovations to your basement, you should also consider a specialist basement waterproofing company like Prokil. To avoid issues in the future, don’t risk converting your basement without an effective damp proofing system in place.

4.     Check you have planning permission

Planning permission is usually required for basement and cellar conversions, mainly because most involve a light well being dug in the front garden. This shouldn’t pose a problem in most cases, but it is definitely something to keep in mind when considering a conversion to avoid problems arising.

5.     Use a basement conversion specialist

A basement or cellar conversion is not something to be taken lightly, so invest in a team of qualified experts that you can trust. Our knowledgeable professionals at Prokil can guide you through the process stage by stage, alongside an idea of cost. We also offer free* surveys to allow us to provide you with a completely bespoke solution suited to your property. This should give you the perfect end result with half the stress of doing it alone.

For further tips and advice about converting your basement into a living space, get in touch with our friendly team of experts at Prokil. Arrange a survey today!

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