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Are you concerned about the longevity of your property’s timber structure? Are you worried about the effects of wet rot, dry rot and woodworm? If so, investing in our timber preservation service could be the way forward for you. Learn more about the importance of timber preservation by reading this article.

Timber preservationWhat is timber preservation?

Timber preservation is the use of different chemical preservatives and processes to extend the life of a timber structure. The chemicals used increase the durability of the wood and make it more resistant to insects and fungus. We commonly utilise our timber preservation methods to treat wood for any of the following ailments:

As such, we can often save and extend the life of the existing wood, rather than carry out a complete replacement service.

What are the causes of the most common wood ailments?

Water is one of the leading causes of weaknesses in timber. In terms of property, there are two types of water intrusions – rising damp and penetrating damp- both of which can lead to timber preservation being a necessity.

Rising damp occurs when the damp proof course (DPC) installed when your property was built becomes damaged. Your DPC is a layer of material that prevents the upward pressure of the tiny holes within the brickwork from sucking up groundwater. The signs of rising damp usually entail tide marks on your walls and a damp musty smell.

Penetrating damp, on the other hand, usually occurs when your property has a number of structural weaknesses. Whether that’s poorly fitting window panes, blocked guttering, leaky pipes or dodgy appliances, the root cause of penetrating damp can sometimes be quite hard to locate.

When any spread of rising or penetrating damp reaches the timber frame of your property, the warm conditions cause microorganisms to grow. These microorganisms then multiply and eat away at the wood, causing what we know as rot.

How can our timber preservation specialists help you?

If you suspect that rising damp or penetrating damp may be an issue, get on the phone to Prokil right away, as the quicker the issue is resolved, the more effective our timber preservation treatment will be.

Upon arrival, our specialists will carry out a thorough inspection of your property to locate the cause of the damp issue. They’ll assess the level of damage affecting the timber, and recommend the best timber preservation treatment based on whether it’s wet or dry rot that is causing the damage.

It may be a case that they advise on complete timber replacement if the level of damage severely compromises the structure of your property.

You can expect the team at Prokil to provide a complete solution to any issues regarding damp in your property; from resolving the root of the cause; treating the wood with a specialist timber preservation treatment; to removing and replacing damaged plasterboard.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Why should you choose Prokil for your timber preservation?

We have been providing expert timber preservation services for over 50 years. In that time, our reputation has grown massively, and we’re now firmly placed as the number one choice for estate agents, structural and building surveyors. This is largely down to the level of knowledge and customer service executed by our CTIS certified damp experts.

Unlike other companies that operate within the timber preservation field, we pride ourselves on offering our customers honest and impartial advice, with never the aim to sell any product unnecessarily.

We are members of the Property Care Association and have, as a result, gained invaluable experience in carrying out timber preservation services on properties of all shapes and sizes.

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