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Do you have a suspicion that your property is rotting? Then suspect no more as we have written an article outlining the signs of dry rot. You will also find out the difference between wet rot and dry rot and what to do if you suspect your property has this form of decay. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Prokil is the number one damp and timber preservation specialist across the South of England.

What exactly is dry rot?

Dry rot otherwise known as Serpula Lacrymans is the only true form of Signs of dry rotthis problem and should not be confused with other types of rot. At Prokil, we highly recommend that should you spot any signs of dry rot in your home that you call us right away. Dry rot is very aggressive and has the ability to spread very quickly.

The dry rot fungus is commonly found in humid environments. Moisture is vital to the survival of this fungus, and it will flourish in areas that are damp, poorly ventilated or where damp masonry has contact with timber.

The tell-tale signs of dry rot

The best way to identify dry rot is to book a survey. A trained surveyor will conduct a thorough inspection of your property and then email you afterwards with a report detailing their findings and recommendations. When conducting surveys, we do not go out looking for work and will only report on what we find.

We understand that you will want to make sure that your property has dry rot before calling the team at Prokil. Just so that you are sure that the problem exists, we have written up common signs of dry rot. To ensure that your property truly has dry rot, we highly recommend that you book to see our surveyors today.

Mycelium Growth

Mycelium growth is one of the key signs of dry rot. The tell-tale sign is a grey or white cotton wool appearance in your property. Mycelium has the tendency to spread across building as it searches for food which is wood.

Fruiting bodies (Sporophore)

Sporophores or fruiting bodies are another sign of dry rot and come in a range of sizes and shapes which will depend on the conditions in your property. You will be able to quickly identify fruiting bodies as they have a pizza-like resemblance. The outer part of this growth has a white appearance while the round-shaped bodies are more rusty-red. Spore dust from fruiting bodies is another noticeable sign of dry rot in the property.

Wood deterioration

Looking at the wood itself will be a key indicator whether you have dry rot in your property. If left untreated, dry rot will extract all moisture and dry out all wood in your property. There are many tell-tale dry rot signs such as:

  • Cuboidal shaped fractures in the grain of the wood
  • Wood shrinkage
  • Wood will look dried out
  • Brittle and warped appearance

Dry rot smell

An obvious sign of dry rot is the musty yet slightly fungal smell in the property. We like to advise you that the musty smell does not always indicate that dry rot exists. Sometimes this smell may point to an issue with damp which may transform into dry rot if it is not treated by Prokil. We will keep you informed should we discover other issues in your property.

Dry rot vs. wet rot

Dry rot is often confused with wet rot despite the great difference between the two. There is only one type of dry rot whereas there are many types of wet rot which require their own individual treatment. Wet rot is confined to its source of moisture and cannot move without being in close contact with the damp. Whereas dry rot can traverse building materials and dry timber in its search for damp wood.  The very destructive nature of dry rot makes it all the more important to act fast.

Treatments for dry rot

If you spot any of the preceding signs of dry rot, we advise that you contact your nearest Prokil office. Dry rot is very destructive and can grow rapidly in any property which is why it is important to call us without a second thought.  We will book you in for a surveyor’s appointment at a time to suit you.

Our surveyors will inspect your property at great length. Once the inspection has been completed, they will write up a report outlining their findings and suggestions. If we discover dry rot signs, we will put together an effective treatment that will help quell the problem.

Reasons to choose Prokil

We have over 50 years of experience in treating dry rot in properties of all sizes throughout the South of England.  Our dedication and hard work over the years has paid off as we are the first choice for many estate agents and property owners. If you have any suspicions that dry rot has infiltrated your property, we suggest you book a survey with our team now.

It is our belief that our approach to work is what sets us apart from our competitors. When we survey your property, we look to advise and assess problems. Our approach is never to find work in your property. For more information on getting in touch with our team, please go here and you will receive the contact details of the branch most relevant to your needs.

“The guys who carried out the work did a great job, and they were incredibly helpful, quiet and polite. Despite having to do a very messy job, they left things immaculately clean a tidy, and it was a pleasure to have working in my home.”

Hannah Rogan


As the number one damp and timber preservation specialist, we have a plethora of accreditations which is evidence of our ability to diagnose and treat dry rot in properties.

  • GPI (Guarantee Protection Insurance)Signs of dry rot
  • ISSE (Institute of Specialist Surveyors and Engineers)
  • Pam Ties Ltd
  • PCA (Property Care Association)
  • Sovereign
  • Trust Mark



In our gallery, you will see visual signs of dry rot from previous jobs.

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