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Woodworm is an insect that eats wood – a habit that can have an irreversible effect on the wood in panelling, floorboards and even furniture. Given the fact that it can be such a serious problem, we’re going to shed some light on the subject and explain the different ways in which one can successfully identify woodworm. Take heed of this advice if you don’t want your home infested with these troublesome critters.

Exit Holes

Have you noticed round or oval shaped holes in the exterior surfaces of the wood in your home?  If so, know that these are holes that are used by the woodworm to exit and escape their intricate tunnels in your woodwork.

Tunnels in the Wood

These tunnels, or galleries as they are often referred to, are generally hard to see but can tunnel through your house’s woodwork creating faults and decreasing the wood’s strength.

Wood Dust

This bore dust, also known as frass, is caused by the adult beetles as they emerge from the bug-infested timber.

Weak Floorboards

As the woodworm burrows deeper in your home’s floorboards, you may notice the boards becoming weaker or even damaged. In rare and extreme cases, you may even experience your foot or a chair leg going through the floor.

Crumbling Wood

If you notice crumbling wood or cracking wood around edges or corners of roof joists, floorboards or other woodwork, you may have a problem.


Adult woodworms turn into tiny beetles and can usually be seen easily by the naked eye. These insects generally emerge from the woodwork between May and October and when they die, they are usually found near the infested woodwork or near windowsills.


Though hard to spot with the untrained eye, these beetles lay eggs under the wood.


The woodworm larvae are generally a creamy white colour and curved in shape.

This information will allow you to successful identify woodworm and from here, you can call the professionals to help you devise a suitable treatment plan. Call Prokil today!

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