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In the UK, winter months can be harsh with heavy rainfall and freezing temperatures. Whilst there are many damp problems that can arise in summer, it is also important to consider how the weather can impact your home during winter. Although water damage can occur during any season, cold temperatures and adverse weather can increase the risk of this happening. The effects of water damage can be costly, so it is important to know how to prevent this occurring during winter.

Frozen pipes are one of the main problems homeowners face during winter. When pipes freeze, the water flow gets blocked, which can cause leaks or even burst pipes. As a result, this can cause flooding which will lead to water damage. The longer a leak or burst pipe goes undetected, the more likely it will be that your home suffers significant damage.

That’s why it is important to keep an eye on your pipes and taps to prevent problems from arising. Here are a few ways to prevent water damage in your home this winter:

Preventing Frozen Pipes

The best way to avoid home water damage from freezing pipes is to take preventative measures before and during winter. If you have already identified water damage due to freezing pipes, book a free* survey so we can assess the extent of the damage. Even something as simple as a frozen garden hose can lead to problems. Frozen hoses build up significant pressure, which will put increased pressure on your home’s entire plumbing system. As a result of built up compression, the inside of the pipe may burst. As damp and water damage repair specialists, we recommend you ensure that any garden hoses are drained and disconnected before winter.

If your outside taps are not frost-proof, you should close the shut-off valve and drain the tap. Then, proceed with fitting the outside taps with a tap insulator. Neglecting your outside pipes and water sources is likely to cause structural water damage in winter, or even down the line in spring. This is why it’s important to take preventative measures beforehand to save you from the long term damage.

Insulate Exposed Indoor Pipes

To prevent frozen pipes leading to water damage in walls of your house, make sure any exposed pipes are properly insulated. Unheated areas of the house such as attics or garages will be the most likely areas where you will find exposed pipes. These can be insulated by wrapping them with old towels or insulating tape. Alternatively, inexpensive foam insulation is also a sufficient solution.

If exposed indoor pipes remain uninsulated, the effects of water damage can be problematic. This can range from furniture damage, increased damp and mould growth.

Tips For Avoiding Structural Water Damage During Your Winter Getaway

If you are leaving your home for an extended time during winter, you should take a few extra measures to prevent returning to water damage at home. Make sure you leave the taps dripping lightly and leave sink cabinets open. This will allow warmer air to circulate around the pipes, keeping the water flowing and reduce the chances of freezing. Another solution is to install a detection system that will automatically monitor water pressure. This will shut itself off when a leak or blocked pipe is detected and largely reduce any water damage caused by frozen pipes.

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