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Are your timbers riddled with dry rot? If so, call Prokil immediately on 01202 515566 as we will provide you with a survey and quotation. Dry rot in timber can have far-reaching consequences for your home if left unchecked, so if you suspect the presence of dry rot, don’t delay, pick up the phone and enlist the services of our professional team.

The number one choice for treating dry rot in timbers

Your property may look fine to the untrained eye, but there could be Dry Rot in Timbersomething nasty lurking just out of sight. Here at Prokil, we are the leading damp and timber preservation specialist in the South of England. We provide highly effective and affordable solutions for properties infested with dry rot in timber. Whether you’ve just purchased a new home or lived in your current place for years, if you suspect dry rot has taken hold, you must call our team right away.

You can learn more about our services and how we assist with the eradication of dry rot in timbers by reading on below.

How can Prokil be of assistance?

When dry rot in timber is discovered, the first thing you should do is book a visit from our specialist team. We start by carrying out a survey to assess the extent and source of the infestation. Once completed, you will be provided with a complete report of our findings including the recommendations of our experienced surveyors. Dry rot in timbers can be found anywhere in your home, especially in badly ventilated areas where timber is in direct contact with damp masonry.

Dry rot in timber is relatively easy to detect by our trained professionals. We keep our eyes open for various indicators which include:

  • Darkened timbers
  • Cuboidal cracking of timber
  • Fine grey strands
  • Cotton wool like growth
  • Red dust

What causes dry rot in timbers?

Dry rot is typically caused by a single species of fungus known as Serpula Lacrymans. Aggressive by nature, if dry rot in timber infiltrates your home it will spread quickly causing untold amounts of damage. It could even jeopardise the integrity of the building itself. Where humid conditions are present, and ventilation is either poor or non-existent, Serpula Lacrymans will thrive.

If the damp protection course in your home is damaged, bridged or missing, then there won’t be an effective barrier to keep water out. Likewise, if the structure of your building is flawed, or any damage or wear and tear has occurred – dry rot in timbers will occur.

Our treatment for timbers with dry rot

Here at Prokil, we are the experts at providing lasting treatments for dry rot in timber infestations. After completing your survey, we will suggest the best course of action to address the problem at hand. Firstly, we will remove the source of the moisture. We have the means to install chemical DPC’s which are injected directly into the wall. Alternatively, we also provide structural repairs should this be the cause of your dry rot in timbers misfortune.

Once the source of the dry rot in timber has been dealt with, we will remove any infected wood and replace with pre-treated materials. Any unaffected timbers will then be treated with a powerful anti-fungicide to prevent any further development of dry rot in timbers.

What makes us the best choice for treating dry rot in timber?

Whether you’re a proud homeowner or in charge of a business, the last Dry Rot in Timberthing you need is dry rot in timber wreaking havoc throughout your property. We understand that forking out on dry rot treatments is hardly ideal which is why when you choose Prokil, we aim to provide you with fantastic value for all of our services. You’ll receive a survey and quotation as well as a fast and efficient solution to the problem.

With 50 years of experience in providing effective damp and timber preservation solutions, we have established a fantastic reputation. We provide an outstanding level of service from start-to-finish, and our highly trained surveyors are skilled in areas including damp proofing, cavity wall ties, plastering and woodworm treatments. All treatments for dry rot in timbers will be provided with the minimum fuss and expense so you can be confident when you choose Prokil.

We operate with complete transparency and will keep you informed of all defects and dry rot in timber found during our lengthy survey. As a result of our sound work ethic and full commitment to our customers, we are the preferred choice for dry rot in timbers for domestic customers as well as local and regional property agents.

Other reasons to choose Prokil to tackle dry rot in timber issues is that we are official members of the Property Care Association and Trust Mark endorsed. Plus, we provide guarantees on ALL damp proof treatments, so you always have peace of mind when you choose us.

“Prokil are absolutely amazing. The great team in the office always keep you in the loop with what is going on. Prokil send out a thorough report breaking down all work needed and the costs explaining these clearly. They are so efficient with their work, we could not recommend them enough!”

Belvoir Brighton Hove


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