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Condensation removal isn’t nice, and it’s certainly not something that homeowners – or tenants – want to be doing on a reoccurring basis. If you have condensation, there are short-term and long-term condensation mould solutions that can be implemented, including a dehumidifier and ventilation systems. Our condensation specialists share some of the best suggestions below:

Long-term solutions to preventing condensation:

Ensure condensation removal is long lasting by ensuring you do not have large items of furniture up against external walls. Leave a small gap between them so that air can flow behind and prevent stale, moisture laiden air from condensing on the colder walls.

  1. For a bathroom condensation solution, in both bathrooms with and without windows, install an extractor fan. This doesn’t guarantee the complete prevent of reoccurring condensation problems, but it can significantly help by reducing the humidity levels within the property. Make sure this is on for the duration of the time the shower or bath water is running. Keep the fan on for a bit longer once the room has been vacated to fully clear the steam.
  2. Another solution to preventing condensation from forming is by keeping your heating on a low over the colder months. This not only means that your heating system will work at a more efficient level but will also allow the walls of your home to warm up. Warmer walls are less likely to have condensation form on them.. Get a damp survey to have an experienced ventilation company determine, and rule out, that the reoccurring condensation and mould isn’t a result of – another underlying issue.

Alternatively, if you aren’t ready to invest in ventilation services from condensation specialists, below are short-term solutions for condensation control.

Short-term reoccurring condensation damp treatment solutions:

  1. Buy a dehumidifier for each room in the property where reoccurring condensation is taking place; especially rooms where washing is dried on a clothes airer or on the radiator. In these rooms an industrial dehumidifier would be more beneficial. This can help to clear condensation and prevent it occurring again.
  2. Ventilate with window vents. It’s common advice that opening windows more will help to prevent mould caused by condensation, but this isn’t always possible. If the home residents are out at work all day, or often away at the weekend, it’s not safe to leave windows open, as they could be used as access to the building. Window vents allow for small amount of ventilation when windows or doors are closed.

Ultimately, if reoccurring condensation is left to continuously form, damage will be caused to the property and unhealthy living conditions may result.

If you would like your damp assessed, Prokil condensation specialists offer a free, no obligation damp survey. We have over 50 years’ experience with over 8,000 happy clients so far. Book a condensation survey online or give one of our experienced home ventilation specialists a call on 01202 515566 or email.

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