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Woodworm infestations occur in households all over the UK and can be disastrous for timber structure stability. Woodworm beetles can go largely unnoticed until the timber disintegrates completely, making it a costly repair, so it’s important woodworm is treated at the first sight of a problem.

If you have ever had these nasty beetles burrow themselves in the wood in your home, you’ll know just how troublesome and disastrous woodworm can be.

What is Woodworm?

Contrary to what some people may think, woodworm is not a single type of species of worm. In reality, the term refers to a number of different types of wood-burrowing beetles that are collectively known as ‘woodworm’. Woodworm looks like small holes, tunnelling or scoring along timber and sometimes the beetle can be visible to the naked eye. When faced with woodworm, the best solution is to call your local woodworm treatment specialist or company. They will visit your home or commercial building and conduct:

  • A consultation, inspection and woodworm assessment
  • Based on this, a woodworm diagnosis and evaluation
  • If accepted, the correct woodworm treatment based on the species identified

There are a few different  methods which woodworm treatment specialists use to eradicate these troublesome insects:

1. Water based woodworm treatment

The goal of this type of woodworm treatment is to aid the long-term protection of wood by soaking a solution into the timber and leaving it to remain in the wood, cracks and bore holes. Doing so will ultimately prevent future woodworm infestations from being able to re-establish. This process is done by cleaning timbers before spraying them all using a pump and lance. Dual purpose water based treatments can also be used to treat any fungal decay that may be occurring in the woodwork at the same time.

2. Fogging woodworm treatment

This style of woodworm treatment is not commonly used any longer but is helpful in reaching areas which are otherwise inaccessible to spray with a woodworm treatment lance.

3. Pasting woodworm treatment

Prokil, a woodworm treatment company, may choose to dust down and clear the infested timbers before pasting a concentrated insecticide paste. This for of treatment is usually used for heavily infested timbers or those which are affected by certain species of wood boring insects.

Prokil have a highly experienced team of professionals who are qualified to treat woodworm problems in all ages, sizes and types of properties. The woodworm treatments are designed to interrupt the lifecycle stages of the beetles by killing off the emerging beetles. Regardless of which option you think will work best for you, it’s always recommended to call in the help of the professionals for their expert opinion and woodworm services. Find your local Prokil branch and book a survey by calling 0800 048 9488. We have over 50 years experience in timber and damp treatments.

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