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A damp proof course most commonly goes between 150mm-450mm above ground level. Depending on both the age of the property and the damp proof course, it can be either easy or more challenging to spot. Generally, the DPC can be seen coming through the bed joint.

A DPC must be at least 150mm above ground level in order to comply with current Building Regulations. The reason a damp proof course is fitted at ground level is to protect a home or property from rising damp. They work by creating a fully waterproof barrier against ground damp, preventing it from entering your home or property’s internal structure.

If a building doesn’t have a damp proof course in place or the current damp proof system is defective, it can eventually affect the overall structural integrity of your home by allowing rising damp to occur.

If you are wondering where a damp proof course is on a home or property, it can sometimes be determined by a change in the type of bricks or the way the bricks look at the point of the DPC. Sometimes, air-bricks can be found either above or below a damp proof course to improve sub floor ventilation.

If you are unsure where a damp proof course is or whether your property has one, our team of experts at Prokil can help. We carry out no obligation surveys to determine the effectiveness of your existing damp proof course. We can inform you if your home is suffering from a defective damp proof course, requires a damp proof injection or other remedial work.

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