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Woodworm can cause problematic damage to a home or property’s timber, especially if an infestation occurs.

If woodworm in your house is left untreated, this increases the likelihood of it spreading. Woodworm, despite its name, are wood-boring beetles that can spread in a short period of time.

Woodworm spread through the reproduction of larvae eggs, which once hatched, eat wood as a source of food. In the process, the larvae create tunnels through the timber. This tunnelling process consequently weakens the timber structure.

The larvae eventually mature, causing them to turn into adult woodworm insects. These woodworm beetles will usually continue to tunnel through the wood, laying new larvae eggs in the process. As a result, the reproduction process continues to spread through timber and create continual damage.

As they reproduce so quickly, a woodworm infestation can cause significant structural damage if it is not attended to with effective treatment. We offer high quality, professional woodworm treatment solutions at Prokil, with the ability to treat infestations of varying severities. We are here to ensure your timbers are structurally strong once again.

To learn more about our woodworm treatment and other timber services, contact your local Prokil team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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