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Damp is caused by a build-up of excess moisture in the air which cannot escape. The common causes of dampness are from either a rapid increase or gradual accumulation of moisture entering a building or room. These can occur in several ways, such as from steam when showering and cooking, water leakage, condensation or poor ventilation.

We always recommend seeking help from a damp specialist to determine the causes of dampness and the appropriate treatment. If left untreated, damp can cause further structural damage to your home as well as uncomfortable living conditions.

Prokil offer a range of damp removal services, depending on what type of damp you have. Based on this, we will offer a bespoke damp proofing treatment to effectively resolve the problem.

What types of damp are there?

The three main types of damp are: rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation damp.

Prokil are damp specialists and have extensive experience in handling all types of damp. You can rest assured that our treatment solutions will protect your property from unwanted moisture again in the future.

What damage can damp do?

Damp damage can present itself in a variety of different ways, from damp patches on walls, mould and even structural damage. Excess moisture or ground water entering a property can build up over time and can negatively impact living conditions. This can include unsightly spoilage on walls, a nasty smell and rotting timbers that can decrease the strength of your home’s structure. Receiving help from a damp specialist as soon as possible is essential to reduce the chance of long-term damage.

Prokil operate over a wide stretch of locations; find our damp specialists near you and get in touch. We can tackle any damp issues you may have. Call us on 0800 048 9488 to enquire, book a survey online or send us an email at [email protected].

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