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You may have experienced issues with condensation damp in your home, particularly during winter months because the weather means your windows are open less reducing ventilation and extraction of air in your home. Because condensation damp is most commonly found we have created a few easy tips to help treat and prevent damp.

Wiping down wet walls and windows which are caused by prone to condensation can help to prevent any further damage. Whilst this is only a short-term solution it can help to prevent the development of mould.

When cooking we always recommend using an extractor fan and to close the kitchen door to prevent steam entering other rooms of the house. Where you can reduce the spread of airborne moisture there is less likelihood of condensation.

Maintaining consistent heating temperatures throughout your home will also help reduce the possibility of condensation damp.

Keep your windows open for a couple of hours each day, this will help to circulate air around your home and remove the air with moisture.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the condensation damp and the best treatment to reduce the side effects of damp get in touch with Prokil today via 0800 048 9488 or email us at [email protected]. Our professional team are always happy to help and are proud to offer a no obligation home survey to get to the root of your home and damp issues. Contact us today.

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