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Prolonged exposure to indoor damp can cause problems such as asthma and other respiratory issues.

Most people do not understand the serious side effects of damp, but if left untreated for prolonged lengths of time you will regret not seeking the help and advice of experienced damp professionals and using the appropriate damp services.

What causes damp?

Damp in the home is where there is water in sufficient quantities to cause problems which may be unacceptable. Find out more about damp and how it occurs.

There are a number of different types of damp which you can experience and it can often be hard to distinguish between them. Our expert services offer a home survey to help you identify your damp issues and recommend the most effective treatment solutions.

Rising damp – is when moisture from the ground travels upwards through the foundations and fabric of the building.

Condensation damp – perhaps the most common form of damp, caused when airborne moisture condensates on walls or windows.

Penetrating damp – when moisture or water travels inside a building from the outside environment.

There are a number of ways your home can become damp and aside from health issues there can be a number of severe side effects of damp for your home.

The effects of damp

Without effective damp treatment a number of damaging consequences can occur in your home as a result.

Damp can cause mould, which is a fungus that can grow in your home often thriving in damp conditions. Severe types of mould can be toxic for humans and result in severe health implications. Learn more about the different types of mould and why you should always seek expert mould and damp services.

Damp in your home can also result in rot. Wet rot is the most common type of household rot which is essentially caused by excess moisture or dampness in your home. Wet rot often indicates a lack of general home maintenance and if left untreated can cause a number of problems in your property. The most detrimental and obvious is the decay and destruction of timber and wooden structures. When this starts to happen, your home could become structurally compromised and dangerous to live in. Rot caused by damp should always be treated by professionals such as Prokil – find out more about our expert rot and timber services.

How to treat damp in your home

It is always advised to seek professional help to prevent and treat damp in your home. Prokil offer a range of specialist damp solutions including damp proofing, damp proof plastering and ventilation systems to reduce and eliminate the side effects of damp.

If you would like to find out more about Prokil’s professional damp treatment options and solutions speak to one of our experienced team members on 0800 048 9488 or email us at [email protected]. To book a no obligation home survey simply fill out a contact form and one of our team will be in touch.

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