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Damp can be fixed with an array of treatments, depending on the type of damp and extent of the problem. To prevent damp from returning in the future, damp should always be fixed by a fully qualified, experienced damp specialist.

We offer a multitude of damp treatments at Prokil that cater to all types of damp and their effects. Our specialists at Prokil have over 50 years of valuable experience and carry out damp treatments in accordance with industry standards, allowing us to provide the highest standard of service. Our damp and timber treatments are completely bespoke, depending on the problem at hand and its severity.

We also offer no obligation surveys to determine the best possible method to fix damp in your home or property. Our specialist surveyors assess the extent of damp within your home and offer a quote based on the most appropriate solution.

What damp treatments do we offer?

If you are wondering how damp in your home or property can be fixed, one of our trusted damp treatments at Prokil can help.

Damp Proofing

Our damp proofing services treat a wide spectrum of damp problems, including rising damp, condensation damp and more. Whether you have water or moisture entering your property through the ground or walls, we can install the correct system to prevent future problems.

Damp Proof Course

A damp proof course is an essential component within most UK properties, creating a long-term barrier against rising damp. If you are suffering from ground damp, installing a retro-fit damp proof course could be the best solution to fixing it.

Damp Proof Plastering

Damp proof plaster can provide your walls with long-term protection against damp and its side effects. With special properties that can resist salt and moisture, damp proof plaster can prevent the unsightly look of damp walls.

Ventilation Systems

For homes or properties suffering with condensation damp, ventilation systems are an ideal solution. Suitablefor use in high moisture environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, an effective ventilation system can keep humidity levels under control.

If you would like further information about how damp can be fixed in your home, get in touch with our specialists at Prokil today. Give us a call on 0800 048 9488 or email [email protected].

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