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Published: 14 December 2023


The damp-proofing experts at Prokil were contacted by a client in Amesbury for condensation treatment, as they had spotted dampness and decorative spoiling on a bedroom wall. The problem area was where a chimney breast had been. This was believed to be the cause of the problem.

The problem:


Our experts investigated the problem, having been told that the chimney breast had been removed at the roofline.

The team found that the decorative spoiling on the internal plaster was due to the historic burning of fossil fuels.

Once the chimney flue was no longer used, there was inadequate ventilation, causing condensation to build up in the flue. This led to salts migrating through the brickwork, which then spoilt the decorative finish of the internal plaster.

Decorative spoiling in a property in Amesbury

Work carried out:

Step 1:


The condensation treatment started with the Prokil team removing the contaminated section of plaster.

We then disposed of the waste plaster before moving on to the next step.

Step 2:

With the affected plaster removed, the next step of our remedial work was to apply a waterproof render to the section of the wall that was affected.

This coat is a specialist render that contains salt inhibitors and waterproofing agents so that areas covered by this render are damp-proofed.

Waterproof render in a property in Amesbury

Step 3:

To complete condensation treatment, the team added a skim coat of multi-finish plaster. This specialist plaster is an additional barrier to prevent salts and moisture from accumulating, and seeping through the wall and causing decorative spoiling or mould.

Finished result:

The result of this condensation treatment was a damp-proofed wall section that had two preventative barriers to condensation dampness.

The specialist render will work underneath the damp-proof plaster to prevent salt and moisture from getting through and causing spoiling on the inside of the bedroom.

We left the wall plastered and ready for the client to paint.

Think you have a problem with condensation dampness? Get in touch with the Prokil damp-proofing experts today. We can arrange to visit your property at a date and time that best suits you to survey the damage and potential causes. On this visit, we can also discuss potential remedial works to solve the problem.

Our team are knowledgeable in all types of dampness, including rising damp and penetrating damp, so can discuss all damp-proofing course options for your situation. If we think it is needed, we can also run through ventilation systems that may reduce the likelihood of condensation and mould.

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