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Published: 13 December 2023


Our leading team of damp-proofing experts was called out to a residential property in Bournemouth. Our customer was concerned about decorative spoilage and suspected dampness issues.

One of our Bournemouth damp-proofing surveyors attended the site to access the situation and recommend a course of action to resolve the problems. The customer had told our damp expert that an extension had been constructed prior to their occupancy, and upon examination, it became clear that this was causing the issue.

The problem:

The damaged area was previously an external wall that had become an internal wall with the addition of the extension, which spanned the entire rear elevation of the property.

It was believed that the construction of the floor, an old solid wood structure, had been laid over an existing damp-proof course. This is believed to have caused moisture to be deposited over the damp-proof course that was in place before the extension, resulting in decorative spoilage with stains appearing on the wall.

Work carried out:

Step 1:

Once we understood the scope of the problem, we stripped the wall, removing the damaged plaster.

Step 2:

The next step was to start the two-step damp-proofing in the affected spots.

Firstly, we used a chemical damp-proofing course. This involved our Bournemouth damp-proofing experts injecting a silicone-based formula at the base of the problem wall to prevent further damage from rising damp.

Step 3:

Once the first part of the damp-proofing was done, we moved on to the second step, placing a waterproof membrane.

This membrane was fixed into the wall, which acts as a barrier to stop dampness and mould from seeping back into the wall and re-damaging the plaster.

Our Bournemouth damp-proofing team had agreed with the client that a third party would complete the final plastering finishes. While we can complete a damp-proofing project by adding a coat of multi-finish plastering, we are always happy to work with third party tradespeople.

However, it was imperative that the client understood that any issues with the plastering were to be addressed with the third party. Nonetheless, Prokil remains committed to offering a guarantee for the damp-proofing system.

Damp at a Bournemouth Residence

Damp-proofing a Bournemouth Residence

Finished result:

The finished result of this project was an interior wall that was now completely damp-proof.

Prokil are damp-proofing specialists dedicated to providing the best solution for your needs. Our teams are always happy to visit your site and examine the situation to recommend a solution that will not only solve the problem now but also maintain the integrity of walls and decoration for years to come.

Whether you are suffering from problems due to rising damp, condensation damp or penetrating damp, we are here to help you. Get in touch with our team today to arrange a site visit.

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